You began a lifelong journey of excellence when you stepped into IIT Bombay. Continue on this journey and shape your alma mater’s future with the GO IITB Campaign 2023-24.

Your alma mater’s unwavering commitment to excellence has led to its emergence as one of the leading engineering and technology institutes in the world. Highly accomplished alumni, globally acknowledged faculty and the best and brightest students fuel IIT Bombay’s mission of addressing global challenges, contributing to nation-building, and making a positive societal impact.

With your encouragement & support, we continue our journey of excellence and  play a very significant role in contributing to the progress of mankind.

Together, let’s extend our shared legacy so that it transcends generations.

Campaign Goal

GOIITB 2023-2024 aims to harness the power of collective giving through generous contributions from alumni. With your support, we believe we can achieve a 100% success rate!


Unique Contributors

25% of 60,000
(Non-US Alumni Base)

Director’s Message

Invest in IIT Bombay's Legacy and Ignite the Future

Giving back to your alma mater is a profound investment in the very foundation that sculpted your intellectual and personal growth. By contributing to your alma mater, you become a bridge between the past and the future, ensuring that IIT Bombay continues to flourish and nurture future generations. Your support is a testament to the enduring bond between you and the Institute. Your steadfast investment will empower the Institute to enhance its infrastructure capabilities, democratize top-tier education for deserving youth across India, and champion high-priority initiatives. The goal of GO IITB 2023-24 is to harness the power of collective giving. So, give back to your alma mater and create a ripple effect that will inspire others to do the same. Elevate your alma mater's ability to inspire and empower countless others!

Engage with us

We welcome your ideas and suggestions and encourage you to get in touch with us at

Institute Development Fund (IDF)

All of us have witnessed the exceptional evolution of our alma mater and the transformative changes that have unfolded over the past few decades. Amongst our key accomplishments include being at the pinnacle of Indian rankings and securing a prestigious position within the top 50 global engineering and technology institutes.

The Institute Development Fund is an unrestricted fund that is used by the Institute to cater to high-priority initiatives.

But we have a bigger and more ambitious dream. Fuelled by the collective efforts of our diverse and accomplished alumni community, we dream of IIT Bombay ranking amongst the world’s top universities. And as long as you believe and invest in your alma mater, we are certain that it’s a dream that will come true.

Already, we have crafted a comprehensive approach to deliver unmatched education, retain exceptional faculty, and spearhead initiatives with tangible real-world impact. Our strategic goals involve nurturing vibrant research and entrepreneurial ecosystems, establishing state-of-the-art laboratories, fostering innovation through micro-factories, and more.

Your investment is pivotal in achieving these ambitious global leadership benchmarks.

Join us by committing to the Institute Development Fund (IDF), aiding the enhancement of infrastructure, propelling research capabilities to new heights, funding scholarships, and more.

Don’t just contribute – invest in your alma mater, and help shape our collective future together.


Make a Difference Every Month

Make giving back to your cherished alma mater a monthly affair.

Is there anything more joyous than keeping in touch with your alma mater that significantly altered the course of your life and where you met your best friends and made lifelong connections?

Well, now you can.

With Recurring Donations, you have the option to pick any amount of your choice to give back to IIT Bombay. And by committing to giving back every month – you will be connected to the Institute on a regular and ongoing basis.

Your monthly recurring gifts to your alma mater will be used to support students, attract top faculty, support infrastructural projects, and more. Choose the amount you want to donate monthly and the cause you wish to support (Student Scholarships, Project Evergreen, Institute Development Fund), and we will help you set up a monthly auto debit.

We look forward to building an ongoing and lifelong connection with you!

Name Your Hostel Room

Remember the midnight chat sessions with your hostel mates? Or when you secretly huddled with your roommates and made Maggi and chai in your hostel room?

For you (and most of our alumni), the first place to visit when you return to campus is your hostel and say hello to the current inhabitant of ‘your’ hostel room. The connection that you have with your hostel room is profound and heartfelt. It was your home away from home and it was where you met your best friends and built relationships that would last a lifetime.

How would you like to leave a mark on that one place that meant so much to you?

Name Your Hostel Room is a way for you to leave your legacy on your cherished Institute by renaming the hostel room where you lived. You have the option to name it after yourself, or a loved one.

By donating Rs. 7 Lakhs ($10K) – you can have your chosen name on your hostel room for perpetuity (and exclusively for 15 years).

You can either set up a monthly donation which will be auto deducted or make a pledge and pay it in a few instalments. The funds collected will be used for the construction of new hostels and the upkeep of existing hostels.

Name Your Hostel Room and support your hostel and your beloved alma mater!