Unveiling ‘A Rewired Reality’: IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo 2023 is a Vibrant Tapestry of Dreams and Reality

Embarking on a journey through the vivid landscapes of creativity, passion, and sheer exuberance, IIT Bombay proudly unfolded the 53rd chapter of its iconic cultural saga – Mood Indigo 2023. Aptly titled ‘A Rewired Reality,’ this four-day extravaganza wasn’t merely an event; it was a tapestry woven with dreams and reality, transforming the sprawling campus into a pulsating hub of diverse talents and collective aspirations. From chart-topping beats to star-studded glam, and uproarious laughter to impactful dialogues, this edition of Mood Indigo painted a vibrant picture of celebration, advocacy, and cultural immersion.

Join us in this short special report as we dive into the heart of this extraordinary festival, where moments became memories, and ‘A Rewired Reality’ became more than just a theme—it became an experience etched in the collective soul of over 1.5 lac attendees.

A Rewired Reality at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo 2023

IIT Bombay hosted the 53rd edition of Mood Indigo, Asia’s largest college festival. The event took place over four days between December 18 to December 21, 2024. The sprawling campus metamorphosed into a cultural hub and welcomed and captivated over 1.5 lac attendees. The festival’s theme, “A Rewired Reality,” set the stage for an extraordinary celebration, embracing diversity, creativity, and talent.

Musical Extravaganza: Chart-Topping Artists and Unforgettable Nights

Over the years, Mood Indigo has solidified its status as a curator of international and national artists and has featured an unparalleled musical experience. The latest iteration was no different and featured Electro Funk Nite who grooved to the chart-topping beats of Jay Sean, while International Nite resonated with the soulful vibes of Pink Sweats. Euphonic Nite, featuring Mohit Chauhan and Pineapple Express, took the audience on a melodic crescendo, and the grand finale, Pop Nite, was graced by the musical prowess of Salim-Sulaiman. Lost Stories and Rahagir wove their magic at Electro Funk Nite and MI Studio Event, respectively.

Other key musical acts included:

International Acts

–    Day 1: Melissa Otero opened the 4-day series and the amazing Latin Pop singer from Yauco, Puerto Rico, enthralled audiences with her epic power ballads and uplifting melodies.
–    Day 2: FAENIHÆLVETTE, the hardcore punk rock band from Norway shook up the stage.
–    Day 3: Paddy Hanna from Ireland, the Dubliner has long eschewed fads in favour of timeless melodies and fine songwriting. Leading indie music bible The Quietus called him “a songwriter with a propensity for wildly infectious hooks and choruses that burrow into your brain with no intention of leaving.” Hanna rocked the crowd with his exceptional musical performance.
–    Day 4: Ousel, the sensational Brazilian band with their graceful melodies and soulful songwriting hypnotised the audience.

Other Indian bands at Mood Indigo included:

–    Yugm, the Indie folk band
–    Last Minute India who played hot singles like Kaagaz ki naav, Jaane anjaane, and many more
–    The Tapi Project and Dairaa impressed attendees with their art rock music.

Star-Studded Lineup: Celebrities Adding Glamour to the Festivities

Beyond music, Mood Indigo boasted a star-studded guest list featuring Bollywood stars like Aditya Roy Kapur, Abhishek Bachchan, Pankaj Tripathi, and more. Artists like Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Adarsh Gourav celebrities not only set the stage ablaze but also shared insights into their upcoming Netflix release, ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan,’ adding a cinematic touch to the festivities. Jitendra Kumar, affectionately known as “Jeetu Bhaiya,” contributed his charm to blend glamour and entertainment.

Laughter Unleashed: Humour Fest with Comedy Maestros

This year’s Humour Fest was a laughter-filled extravaganza, featuring comedic talents such as Aakash Gupta, Varun Grover, Rahul Dua, and Vipul Goyal. Their performances brought the diverse audience at the Convocation Hall to their feet even as the Hall resembled an echoing chamber of laughter.

New Competitions introduced this year:

Mood Indigo included several competitions including the Mr. and Ms. Mood Indigo contest, Food Indigo, and other events like World Fiesta and Theatre Fest, creating an immersive cultural phenomenon. This year’s festival introduced many new competitions including:

–    MI Tunes Singer-Songwriter Competition: The Top 6 got a chance to release their songs through Universal Music Group’s Channel.
–    Indigo Izhaar – Urdu Poetry Competition with cash prizes worth Rs. 15k.
–    Solestrokes – Sneaker Painting Competition with cash prizes worth Rs. 8k.
–    Mi Tales – Story Telling Competition with cash ash prizes worth Rs. 10k

Food Indigo

This year, Mood Indigo’s gastronomic celebration took centre stage with its distinct identity – “Food Indigo.”

Nestled within the Old Swimming Pool, this culinary haven boasted an expansive array of brands and cuisines, accompanied by enticing food challenges, an interactive ambiance, and spirited mass cooking competitions.

From familiar favourites like Cafe Coffee Day and Sbarro to the trendy delights of The J, Frozen Bottle, RollsMania, and more, last year’s lineup was a gastronomic journey. What set Food Indigo apart was its status as the sole food court that remained active post-concert, evolving into a late-night hub for jamming sessions.

Artists from across the nation converged to set the nocturnal mood, creating an atmospheric experience where crowds gathered to savour the delights of Food Indigo.

Adding a new flavour to the festivities, the introduction of “Chefs Corner” challenged participants to craft delectable dishes within a limited time and with limited ingredients, adding an extra dash of culinary excitement to this delectable affair.


Mood Indigo 2023 was more than just a rewired reality—it was a fusion of culture, talent, and celebration. It left an indelible mark on the landscape of the student community across Asia. And while the grand celebration concluded, the magic of Mood Indigo continues to resonate, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this cultural phenomenon. Until then, the memories and experiences of Asia’s biggest college cultural fest, Mood Indigo 2023, will continue reverberating in the hearts of those fortunate to be part of this rewired reality.