SANGAM 2024: A Convergence of Health Innovators and Experts at IIT Bombay

12 May 2024

IIT Bombay recently hosted SANGAM 2024, an influential conference themed “One Health – Opportunities for Networking and Engagement.” The event successfully brought together a diverse group of leading experts, innovators, and policymakers, all converging to discuss and share insights on critical health issues and the latest advancements under the banner of #SANGAM2024.

The inaugural session of SANGAM 2024 was graced by esteemed speakers and dignitaries, including Mr. Luigi D’Aquino, Chief of Health at UNICEF India, and Lt. Gen Madhuri Kanitkar (Retd.), Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University of Health Sciences.

Other notable attendees included:

  • Prof. Karbhari B. Kale, Vice Chancellor of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere
  • Prof. S. Sudarshan, Deputy Director (AIA), IIT Bombay
  • Ms. Sujata Saunik, Takemi Fellow and ACS (Home), Government of Maharashtra
  • Prof. Sarthak Gaurav, the Conference Chair of SANGAM 2024

The conference featured a rich agenda that covered a broad spectrum of topics from the resurgence of Ayurveda and the cutting-edge developments in medical devices to the integration of artificial intelligence in healthcare and the forefront of vaccine development. Each session provided deep insights and sparked vibrant discussions among the attendees.

Dynamic panels and interactive sessions offered numerous networking opportunities, enabling participants to forge meaningful connections and engage in discussions that are expected to drive significant impact in the health sector.

Reflecting on the achievements of SANGAM 2024, it was apparent that crucial collective effort and multidisciplinary collaboration are key to tackling global health challenges effectively. IIT Bombay is deeply grateful to all the participants and speakers whose contributions made the event a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, shaping a healthier and more resilient future.