Reconnect and Reskill: Exclusive Courses for IITB Alumni for June 2024 at PCACEC

10 Jun 2024

The Pramod Chaudhari Alumni Continuing Education Centre (PCACEC) provides executive courses for IITB Alumni at discounted prices. The courses will allow our alums to learn new skills, upskill and reskill themselves in their professional careers, and keep pace with the latest technology, management, policy, and science trends. These courses will be taught by the esteemed faculty of IITB, allowing our alumni to connect and interact with them. We are soon introducing in-campus offline and hybrid courses allowing our alums to revisit campus and reconnect with their alma mater.

These are our upcoming courses for June 2024.

Register for the Corporate Entrepreneurship Course: here

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to advance professionally and personally, as IITB continues to support its alumni community through tailored educational offerings at the PCACEC.