Prof. Michael Klein Delivers NR Kamath Distinguished Lecture on Polymers

12 May 2024

IIT Bombay recently hosted a lecture by Prof. Michael Klein as part of its NR Kamath Distinguished Lecture series which pays tribute to the esteemed contributions of Prof. N.R. Kamath, a former Deputy Director and Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering. The lecture was organized by the Chemistry Department.

Prof. Michael Klein is the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Science and Director of the Institute for Computational Molecular Science at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. Prof. Klein, known for his exceptional work in computational physics, has received several prestigious accolades including:

  • The Aneesur Rahman Prize in 1999
  • Membership in the United States National Academy of Science in 2009
  • The John Scott Medal & Award in 2020
  • The Sheikh Saud International Prize for Material Science in 2024

His paper on Monte Carlo simulations, published in the Journal of Chemical Physics, has been cited over 35,000 times.

In his lecture at the Institute titled “Knots in Polymers,” Prof. Klein offered valuable insights into the impact of knots on polymers, including the ‘trefoil’ knot, which is similar to an overhand knot on a rope.

The talk was broadcast live on IIT Bombay’s official YouTube channel and provided attendees with an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of polymer knots and their implications in material science.

As yet another NR Kamath Distinguished Lecture Series event came to a close, it underscored the importance of hosting such events at IIT Bombay. By bringing renowned experts to share their knowledge and insights, these lectures foster an enriching academic environment and promote a culture of learning and innovation. By inviting distinguished guests like Prof. Klein, IIT Bombay honours the legacy of distinguished faculty like Prof. N.R. Kamath, inspires students and researchers alike, and contributes to its mission of advancing scientific and technological frontiers.