NR Kamath Distinguished Lectures: Unravelling Geophysics and Navigating Biotech Frontiers

5 Apr 2024

Professor N.R. Kamath, an academic stalwart, served as the former Deputy Director and the founding Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Bombay. His enduring contributions have left an indelible mark, inspiring the Institute to establish the NR Kamath Distinguished Lecture Series. This annual webinar pays tribute to Prof. Kamath’s legacy by inviting eminent speakers to share their insights and expertise across diverse fields. As we delve into this enlightening series, we honour the spirit of intellectual curiosity and innovation that Professor N.R. Kamath exemplified, fostering a tradition of learning and excellence at IIT Bombay.

Unveiling Geophysical Marvels: Prof. Herbert Huppert’s Exploration into Theoretical Geophysics

Image Courtesy: University of Cambridge Website

This year, the NR Kamath Distinguished Lecture series showcased a double feature.  

IIT Bombay proudly welcomed Prof. Herbert Huppert for the first of two illuminating sessions. This annual webinar series commenced with an exploration of Theoretical Geophysics by Prof. Huppert. His impressive background as ICI Research Fellow, Assistant Director of Research in DAMTP, Cambridge, and a Fellow at King’s College brought a wealth of expertise to the discussion.

Prof. Huppert delved into various research areas, spanning carbon dioxide sequestration, granular media flow, lava flows, exchange flows, and fluid mechanics of solidification and pumice sinking. The live event on March 5, 2024, not only provided a platform for captivating insights into the impact of surface waves on coral reefs but also offered compelling suggestions on defending against tsunamis.

Please click here for a recording of Prof. Huppert’s lecture.

From Lab to Market: Dr. Shreefāl Mehta’s Blueprint for Success in Bio MedTech Innovation

The second instalment of the NR Kamath Distinguished Lecture series featured Dr. Shreefāl Mehta, a dynamic force in the field of biotechnology and entrepreneurship.

As a Member of the Research and Entrepreneurial Advisory Committee to the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, BIRAC; Executive Director at Pulmokine Inc., and an executive in residence at Columbia Tech Ventures, Dr. Mehta brought over 25 years of entrepreneurial and investment experience to the table.

His expertise shone through as he shared invaluable insights during his lecture on ‘Translational Research and Opportunity Recognition in Biotech/Bio MedTech.’

The recording of this engaging session is available for those eager to delve into the wealth of knowledge shared by Dr. Mehta here.

The NR Kamath Distinguished Lecture Series stands as a beacon of intellectual exploration and excellence at IIT Bombay. The insightful sessions featuring distinguished speakers like Prof. Herbert Huppert and Dr. Shreefāl Mehta offer invaluable perspectives across diverse fields, enriching the academic community and fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and growth.