IIT Bombay Inaugurates 10X GMP Facility: Pioneering the Future of MedTech

2 May 2024

IIT Bombay recently inaugurated its state-of-the-art 10X GMP Facility, marking a milestone in its commitment to bridging the gap between academic research and real-world healthcare solutions. The launch event included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and addresses by Prof.Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay, Chief Guest Dr. C.S. Pramesh, and principal donor of the facility and IITB Distinguished Alumnus, Mr. Raj Nair.

In his speech, Prof. Chaudhuri emphasized the facility’s role in accelerating the development of diverse healthcare products, such as cancer theragnostic agents and bioactive wound dressings for diabetic wounds. He said, “The setting up of the 10X GMP Facility will be amongst the first of its kind in India and symbolizes IIT Bombay’s unwavering commitment to bridging the chasm between academic prowess and real-world impact. The Facility will advance and accelerate the development of diverse products, from cancer theragnostic agents to bioactive wound dressings, enhancing healthcare and environmental sustainability.”

Prof. Chaudhuri expressed his deep gratitude to Mr. Raj Nair for his generous support, underscoring the pivotal role that alumni donors play in advancing IIT Bombay’s mission. He added that contributions from alumni fuel the Institute’s research initiatives and drive innovation, empowering students and faculty to create meaningful impact across industries and improve society as a whole.

Donor’s Vision

Mr. Raj Nair, (B.Tech., Metallurgical Engineering, 1971), Chairman of Avalon Consulting, Germinait
Solutions, and AGR Knowledge Solutions, worked tirelessly for over two years to provide highly affordable medical solutions to society which have been instrumental in making the facility a reality.


Taking to the stage to share his vision for the Centre, he said, “I believe the greatest gift to the underprivileged is providing highly affordable breakthrough medical solutions since it is well documented that one major illness like cancer, bypass surgery, etc., or a major accident, can send a lower middle class or poor family into abject penury. The 10X GMP facility has been set up to encourage brilliant researchers at IIT Bombay to aim for breakthroughs that are 10 times cheaper, better, or faster than all known treatments. I believe only that can move the needle for society.”

He added, “The availability of a BSL3 GMP facility on the campus also helps reduce the cost of manufacturing products for human trials and shorten the time it takes to get life-saving solutions to the market. I envision a day in the near future when researchers at IIT Bombay will provide millions of people, with a continual flow of solutions to major human problems ranging from Alzheimer’s to cancer, from drug-resistant TB to COVID-19, etc., and all that at a fraction of the cost of treatment available in other parts of the world.”

Transforming Healthcare: Advancing MedTech Innovations and Collaborations

The event was presided over by Chief Guest Dr. C.S. Pramesh, Director, Tata Memorial Hospital. Dr. Pramesh’s expertise in thoracic surgery, and his significant contributions to cancer care and research, were deeply inspirational to IITB’s faculty, students, and other attendees. Dr. Pramesh is also known for his dedication to reducing inequities in cancer care which aligned perfectly with IITB’s mission to make advanced healthcare technologies accessible to all segments of society.

In his insightful address on the potential of the new facility Dr. Pramesh said, “The facility bridges the gap for several years in academia. Globally, biomedical human trials happen in academic centres, while in India much of the discovery part happens in the pharmaceutical industry, and I am hopeful that this facility changes this entire process on its head. While we strive for cheaper solutions, we should not overlook the quality of the product. I really like the name 10X, the fact that it is not just ten times cheaper, but ten times better. Indigenous solutions are paramount. We should strive to be solution provider for low- and middle-income countries.”

Other Key Events

Apart from the virtual inauguration of the 10X GMP facility, other key events at the occasion included addresses by:

  • Guest of Honour Dr. Raman Gangakhedkar, Former Dr. CG Pandit National Chair, Indian Council of Medical Research and Head, Division of Epidemiology & Communicable Diseases (ECD), ICMR, New Delhi; and Director-in-Charge, National AIDS Research Institute, Pune.
  • Guest Speaker Dr. G. S. Bhuvaneshwar, Adjunct Prof., Department of Engineering Design & Distinguished Alumnus, IIT Madras, Former Head, Biomedical Technology, SCTIMST.
  • Presentation of Team GMP by Mr. Ajit M. Jawle, Managing Director Knexir Consultants Pvt. Ltd., another esteemed IIT Bombay alumnus who contributed significantly to the facility’s development.

Attendees enjoyed a presentation on the facility’s capabilities and the types of products it will manufacture, followed by expertise and insights made the event a great success and enriched the experience for all attendees.

A panel discussion on World Class MedTech Manufacturing highlighted the necessity for a shift in mindset toward research and underscored the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration. Panellists emphasized the need for a strong framework and standardized operating procedures (SOPs) to address quality control issues and produce viable products. They also called for increased industry support to develop indigenous solutions that serve the national interest.

Interested attendees participated in a facility walkthrough before the event concluded with a vote of thanks from Dean ACR Prof. Ravindra D. Gudi.

The 10X GMP Faculty at IIT Bombay

The 10X GMP Facility aims to spearhead cutting-edge research and establish a top-tier GMP facility for producing medical devices, biomaterials, nanomedicine, and gene therapy products. By fostering collaboration among academia, industry, and healthcare professionals, the facility strives to accelerate technology development and commercialization, enhancing patient outcomes and societal well-being.

The facility spans approximately 5,500 square feet and includes two independent laboratory suites for sterile final manufacturing, two GMP suites for preparation stages, and support areas equipped with material dispensing, washing, drying, autoclaving, and sterilization facilities. Adhering to the latest cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, the facility offers flexibility to adapt to future projects.

The 10X GMP Facility will develop a wide range of groundbreaking products for pre-clinical testing and product development, including theragnostic agents for cancer treatment, amyloid-based patches for insulin delivery, bioactive wound dressings for diabetic wound healing, and CRISPR-based therapeutics for cancer treatment.

The 10X GMP Facility at IIT Bombay marks a transformative step in merging academic research with practical healthcare innovations, setting a new benchmark in the development of affordable, high-quality medical solutions. The inauguration of the 10X GMP facility underscores IIT Bombay’s commitment to leading-edge medical technology and acts as a catalyst for global healthcare transformation. With its comprehensive infrastructure and collaborative ecosystem, the facility is poised to revolutionize medical research and product development, driving advancements in healthcare accessibility and quality. With this facility, IIT Bombay is ushering in a new era in healthcare, where innovation meets real-world application, promising a healthier and more sustainable future.