IIT Bombay Alumna, Ms. Suhani Mohan,  Delivers the 100th Machine for Saral Designs

19 Dec 2023

IIT Bombay’s Distinguished Young Alumna, Ms. Suhani Mohan (B. Tech, 2011), and owner of Saral Designs (along with Kartik Mehta, an alumnus of IIT Madras) – a leading machine manufacturer in the hygiene sector (sanitary napkins) recently delivered their milestone 100th machine to the market.

Saral Designs was started in 2015 to develop automatic and low-cost machines for the production of sanitary products. The company is also a US FDA-approved facility and provides sanitary pads in a roll form. These pads can be dispensed directly inside toilets, just like toilet paper.

Saral Designs is ‘Making in India’ for the world, and have already sold 100 machines in 12 countries, with the ultimate vision of increasing access to health and hygiene across the world.

Hearty congratulations to Ms. Suhani Mohan! IIT Bombay wishes her continued success as she spearheads Saral Designs into a worldwide phenomenon!