Honouring Excellence: Highlights from IIT Bombay’s 62nd Interim Convocation Ceremony

8 Mar 2024

IIT Bombay hosted the interim session of its 62nd Convocation and conferred degrees upon 325 students at the Convocation Hall. A total of 352 degrees were awarded, encompassing 209 PhD students (including dual degrees MTech/MSc +PhD) and 143 degrees, including 44 E-MBA degrees, for students across various programs. The recipients completed all requirements between August 2023 and January 2024, prompting an earlier degree conferral than the 62nd Convocation.

Prof. Satish K. Tripathi from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, served as the Chief Guest, while Dr. Sharad Kumar Saraf, Chairman of the Board of Governors, IIT Bombay, presided over the event. Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, the Director of IIT Bombay, presented the degrees.

In addressing the graduating class, Prof. Tripathi underscored the transformative influence of contemporary technologies such as AI, blockchain, Virtual reality, robotics, Quantum Computing, the Internet of Things, and nanotechnology. He further characterized the era by noting, “It is characterized by the speed scope interconnectedness and global impact, From virtual assistant to small devices to facial recognition and chat GPT.” Prof. Tripathi emphasized how these technologies are “fundamentally altering the way we work, do business, and live.”

The exponential growth in information and technology, coupled with the swift market entry and broad application of innovations, presents both exceptional opportunities and formidable concerns. These powerful tools, while capable of addressing global challenges and enhancing quality of life, also pose risks of wide-scale manipulation and deception when in the wrong hands.

Moreover, Prof. Tripathi challenged the graduates to harness their acquired knowledge at IIT Bombay to navigate this defining challenge of our time. He expressed confidence in them as future leaders, urging them to apply their disciplinary expertise to address complex societal issues.

He concluded by saying, “Society needs innovators like you – educated global citizens who can bring their disciplinary expertise to bear on complex issues.”

Dr. Sharad Kumar Saraf encouraged graduates to contribute to their alma mater and society.

Prof. Chaudhuri urged graduates to utilize their skills for societal betterment, emphasizing their responsibility as educated global citizens. He said, “It is your collective responsibility to contribute to the growth of the society. Stand up to the challenges of the society. You have been endowed with the critical thinking process, your engineering/ scientific skills to solve the problems of common people so that their life is lot better”.

The ceremony, attended by families and friends, celebrated the achievements of the graduates and their potential contributions to society.

As the curtains closed on the interim session of IIT Bombay’s 62nd Convocation, it marked the culmination of academic achievements for 325 graduates. Encouraged to contribute to society and their alma mater, the graduates now step into the future as educated global citizens, ready to apply their skills for positive societal impact. This convocation not only recognized academic excellence but also symbolized the beginning of a new chapter where these graduates, armed with knowledge and commitment, embark on their journey to shape a better world.

Onwards and upwards!