Girish Sant Lecture Series: Anshuman Lath Unveils Insights on Sustainable Energy Solutions

8 Mar 2024

IIT Bombay is steadfast in its commitment to fostering educational and research excellence and enriching the academic experience through insightful talks delivered by industry experts.

Aligned with this mission, IIT Bombay hosted the Girish Sant Lecture Series at the end of February 2024. This distinguished series, established through a generous legacy donation by the class of 1986, commemorates their late batchmate, Girish Sant—an esteemed energy analyst and policy commentator whose analytical contributions significantly shaped India’s energy policy landscape in the 1990s and 2000s.

Mr. Anshuman Lath (BE-IIT Roorkee, PGDM-IIM Bangalore) is the co-founder of Gram Oorja Solutions Private Limited, a company dedicated to addressing the electricity, drinking water, and cooking fuel needs of remote communities and delivered this year’s lecture. Mr. Lath has extensive experience working in the SME domain, rural development organizations, and the finance sector.

Mr. Lath’s lecture was titled ‘Remote Village Energy Access: Experience, Challenges, and Possibilities.’ The lecture enlightened the extended IIT Bombay community including students and faculty, and provided valuable insights into the intricacies of bringing sustainable energy solutions to remote villages.

IIT Bombay’s journey of excellence is exemplified through initiatives like the Girish Sant Lecture Series. These insightful talks contribute significantly to the Institute’s mission of advancing education and research. The lecture series is a symbol of intellectual enrichment with which the Institute drives academic pursuits and moulds the future leaders of the country across diverse sectors.