Exploring Bollywood’s Craft: R. Balki and Sayeed Quadri Engage IIT Bombay Students

10 Jun 2024

IIT Bombay recently hosted two distinguished guests from the world of Indian cinema, enriching the academic experience with their unique perspectives on the industry. As part of an elective course on Popular Indian Cinema, students had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions led by Prof. Mazhar Kamran from the IDC School of Design.

Noted film director R. Balki visited the campus, sharing his extensive experiences in commercial cinema. Known for his innovative approach to filmmaking, Mr. Balki delved into the creative and logistical challenges he has faced, providing students with a rare glimpse into the directorial process in the high-stakes world of cinema.

In a similarly captivating session, celebrated poet and Bollywood lyricist Sayeed Quadri graced IIT Bombay with his presence. Mr. Quadri, whose evocative lyrics have touched the hearts of many, discussed his journey in the film industry, offering insights into the art of lyric writing and storytelling within the commercial cinema framework.

These visits by Mr. Balki and Mr. Quadri not only offered students a deeper understanding of the cinematic arts but also highlighted the intersection of technology, design, and storytelling, underscoring the diverse educational avenues available at IIT Bombay.