Milestone Moment for IIT Bombay: Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, Lays Foundation Stone for IIT Bombay’s Research Park

In a landmark event, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the IIT Bombay Research Park Building and laid the foundation stones for key structures at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. This historic moment signifies a monumental leap into a future of innovation and excellence.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi said, “The government of today invests maximum expenditure for the modern education of the present and future generations.”

Other esteemed guests on the occasion included Shri Manoj Kotak, Member of Parliament (Mumbai North-East), Dr. Sharad Saraf, Chairperson of the Board of Governors of IIT Bombay, Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director of IIT Bombay, and Prof. Swaroop Ganguly, Professor-In-Charge of the IIT Bombay Research Park Foundation.

Backed by significant financial support, the project secured RS.100 crore from the Ministry of Education, Rs. 67 crore from the Higher Education Funding Agency loan, and an additional Rs. 58 crore from internal revenue generated at IIT Bombay.

Strategically located at the north end of the IITB campus, the Research Park stands as a hub of innovation. Spanning G+14 floors and 5 lakhs square feet, it boasts centralized HVAC, versatile design features, conference rooms, an auditorium, a creche, and a food court. This meticulously designed space aims to facilitate collaboration, Research and Development initiatives, and technology transfer between IIT Bombay researchers and industry partners.

Underscoring a holistic approach to academic and residential facilities, our Hon’ble PM Modi also laid the foundation stone for a multitude of projects, including Efficiency Apartments, Hostel 04, Academic Sciences Blocks for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Bio-School, Central Animal Facility, and Academic Blocks 1 and 2. The collective cost of these projects exceeds Rs 1,120 crore.

Both Dr. Saraf and Shri Kotak conveyed their congratulations to the Institute functionaries for achieving this significant milestone.

Prof. Chaudhuri addressed the attendees and said,  “The institute is extending the IIT-B Research Partnership program by investing in a dedicated facility, the IIT-B Research Park, where our industry partners can co-locate their research researchers and staff on the campus. The research park will be a hub for innovation and collaboration between academia and industry.”

Prof. Chaudhuri explained that the Research Park will be structured into specialized clusters focusing on core and emerging fields such as bioengineering and healthcare sustainability, clean energy, semiconductors and quantum technology, materials and smart manufacturing, e-mobility AI robotics and automation, geospatial technology, and more. Each cluster will include anchor corporate partners, startups from the IIT-B ecosystem in relevant sectors, and IIT-B translational research labs and facilities. This strategic arrangement will encourage close collaboration among researchers, corporations, MSMEs, and entrepreneurs, fostering a dynamic and spontaneous innovation ecosystem.

“Early adopters included promising startups like Neodocs; as well as multinational corporates like UbiSoft, Murata, and Applied Materials. The global CTO of Applied Materials called the relationship with IITB Bombay as “probably the deepest and longest collaboration between an Indian Research University and an MNC,” Prof. Chaudhuri added.

Key individuals who played pivotal roles in the construction of the Research Park building were also honoured and recognized during the occasion.

The entire event was broadcast live on YouTube. Click here to see the recording.


The inauguration of the Research Park not only signifies institutional pride but also heralds a substantial stride in knowledge, innovation, and academic excellence at IIT Bombay. This avant-garde facility represents a convergence point between academia and industry, fostering an environment where IIT Bombay researchers can collaborate seamlessly with industry partners. The financial support and cutting-edge infrastructure underscore a commitment to nurturing an ecosystem where ideas can thrive, breakthroughs occur, and knowledge transcends boundaries.

As the Research Park takes its rightful place in IIT Bombay’s ecosystem, it signifies a new era of excellence, innovation, and impactful research at the Institute.