Legacy in Motion: Class of 1973 Establishes the C1973 EV Power Train Lab

Inauguration of the C1973 Electric Vehicle Power Train Lab

IIT Bombay, a beacon of technological excellence, marked a historic moment on February 8, 2024, with the grand inauguration of the C1973 Electric Vehicle Power Train Laboratory. This visionary initiative, made possible through the generous contributions of the illustrious Class of 1973, amplifies the Institute’s commitment to spearheading India’s self-reliance in Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing.

The Class of 1973 – pledged a total of Rs 9.5 crores to their alma mater as part of the Legacy Project that would support two significant causes: the C1973 EV Power Train Laboratory and the C1973 Faculty Awards for Excellence in Research.

The inauguration of the Lab was a fitting occasion for the Institute to showcase its dedication to pioneering advancements in technology and sustainability. Distinguished guests from industry and academia converged to witness the unveiling of this cutting-edge facility that promises to redefine the landscape of EV research and innovation at IIT Bombay.

Overview of the C1973 EV Power Train Lab

Against the backdrop of IIT Bombay’s sprawling campus, Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay,  set the stage for a transformative era. Welcoming distinguished guests, including the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Shri Sharad Saraf, Chief Guest Mr. Anil Kakodkar, and revered members of the Class of 1973, the Director’s address resonated with the spirit of anticipation and achievement.

The EV Power Train Lab, a jewel in the crown of IIT Bombay’s advanced labs, represents more than just a physical facility. It encapsulates the institute’s commitment to innovation and excellence in education. Prof. Chaudhuri skilfully navigated through the lab’s genesis, its ambitious vision, and its alignment with global trends in sustainable technology.

As the world moves towards embracing Electric Vehicles as a catalyst for a greener and more sustainable future, the EV Power Train Lab is not just symbolic; it is a tangible leap into a new era of technological evolution. Aligned with the Government of India’s vision, the Class of 1973’s significant contribution is a testament to IIT Bombay’s active role in reducing dependency on foreign markets and fostering a self-sufficient ecosystem for electric vehicle manufacturing within the country.

The EV Power Train Lab, nestled within the institute’s expansive grounds, holds the promise of being a game-changer, fostering advancements in teaching and research within the realm of Electric Vehicles (EVs). The lab would be the core of all EV activities at IIT Bombay, focusing on the production of small vehicles (2/3/4 wheelers) in the country.

The goal for the EV Power Train Lab is to become one of the leading R&D laboratories globally for EV Power Trains in small vehicles. It aims to be the preferred source of R&D for firms in India, enabling innovation and global technology competitiveness. The lab also aspires to play a pivotal role in manpower training through internal and professional programs, solidifying IIT Bombay’s position at the forefront of sustainable technology.

Prof. Sandeep Anand, the Principal Investigator of the EV Power Train Lab, delivered a compelling speech that outlined the lab’s immense potential to reshape India’s electric vehicle landscape. His insights into the lab’s groundbreaking features and its pivotal role in fostering innovation within the EV space captivated the audience.

Presentation of the Faculty Awards for Research Excellence (FARE)

The Class of 1973’s impact extended beyond the EV Power Train Lab. The establishment of the Faculty Awards for Research Excellence (FARE) underscores their commitment to cultivating a vibrant research culture at IIT Bombay. A total of 16 faculty members were conferred with this award. This groundbreaking initiative aims to recognize and incentivize the research of younger faculty members across diverse disciplines, thereby enhancing the institute’s academic prowess.

Acknowledgment by Satish Jamdar

Mr. Satish Jamdar, representing the Class of 1973, delivered an acknowledgment speech, emphasizing the collaborative effort that brought the EV Power Train Lab to fruition. He extended thanks to key figures involved in the project, including Prof. Sandeep Anand, Prof. Ravi Gudi, and other faculty members. He also thanked the seamless coordination among departments, including the Principal Investigator’s team, the architectural unit, the Civil Engineering team, and others including the Electrical team, HVAC team, Public Health team, and DRF team – all of whom played a crucial role in the successful establishment of the EV Power Train Lab. Each department’s dedicated efforts, expertise, and collaborative spirit contributed significantly to the realization of our vision, and he extended his heartfelt gratitude on behalf of his class and ended with his hopeful vision for the future of IIT Bombay.

Vote of Thanks

Dean Ravi Gudi then took the stage to express gratitude to all participants, emphasizing the significant contributions of faculty, batch representatives, and behind-the-scenes contributors. Special mentions were made to the Chairman, Chief Guest, former professors in attendance, batch leaders, and faculty instrumental in setting up the EV Lab. The Dean concluded by highlighting the profound impact the Class of 1973 has had on shaping IIT Bombay’s future.

Looking Ahead

As IIT Bombay stands at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability, the institution remains poised for a transformative era. The generous contributions and visionary leadership of the Class of 1973 illuminate a path toward sustainable technology and academic excellence, propelling the institute into a future defined by knowledge, innovation, and philanthropy.