IITB’s Prof. Subimal Ghosh Receives the Esteemed Alexander Von Humboldt Medal

IIT Bombay’s Prof. Subimal Ghosh has been awarded the prestigious Alexander Von Humboldt Medal by the European Geophysical Union for his contributions to the field of climate studies and civil engineering. Prof. Ghosh’s accolade places him among the luminaries of environmental science, making him only the second Indian to receive this honour, following in the footsteps of his mentor, Prof. PP Mujumdar.

Professor Subimal Ghosh, a distinguished faculty member at IIT Bombay has been a pivotal figure in climate research at the Institute. He spearheaded the establishment of the Climate Studies academic program at IIT Bombay in 2012, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to understanding climate change impacts and solutions.

His significant contributions include developing the C-Flows expert system for flood forecasting in Chennai in response to the catastrophic 2015 floods and leading a diverse team of scientists to integrate weather forecasting, hydrological modelling, and 3D visualization into a robust predictive tool.

He was awarded the prestigious Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award in 2019 for his research on land-atmosphere interactions affecting the Indian monsoon. Prof. Ghosh’s work has greatly informed our understanding of how deforestation and urbanization influence monsoon patterns, vital for India’s agricultural and water resource management. His leadership as the convener of IDPCS at IIT Bombay continues to drive forward the mission to provide actionable and resilient solutions to climate challenges.

The Dean ACR newsletter spoke to Prof. Ghosh in August 2022. You can read the Q&A here.

The Alexander Von Humboldt Medal serves as a testament to Prof. Ghosh’s dedication and exceptional contributions to the global understanding of environmental sciences. It is an honour that underscores his role as a leader and innovator in addressing some of the most challenging environmental issues of our time.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Prof. Subimal Ghosh on this remarkable achievement and eagerly look forward to more accolades and his continued contributions to the field of climate studies.