Leaving Behind A Green Legacy: IIT Bombay Alumnus Pledges $18.6 Million (Largest Ever Donation by a US-Based Alumnus) to their Alma Mater

IIT Bombay to Set up a Green Energy and Sustainability Research Hub

A US-based alumnus of IIT Bombay has pledged $18.6 million to the Institute to set up a Green Energy and Sustainability Research Hub at the Institute. This unprecedented contribution solidifies the alumnus’ commitment to his alma mater even as it will drive IIT Bombay’s efforts to be at the forefront of innovation and developing cutting-edge technology solutions for the ongoing global climate crisis.

To be housed in a new academic building on campus, the hub will support research and technology development in the domains of green energy, climate change, and sustainability. The hub will focus on critical areas including climate risks and work towards developing effective mitigation strategies, developing climate change adaptation measures, and providing comprehensive environmental monitoring. While playing an instrumental role in advancing climate solutions, the hub will also foster the adoption of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies.

Other diverse research areas that this Hub will focus on include battery technologies, solar photovoltaics, biofuels, clean-air science, flood forecasting, and carbon capture amongst others.

Apart from its research pursuits, the core objectives of the Hub include:

  • Providing industry-tailored educational training
  • Cultivating strategic collaborations with global universities and corporations
  • Driving practical and transformative solutions while nurturing entrepreneurship in the realm of green energy and sustainability
  • Providing state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of labs and teaching facilities for students and researchers

The alumnus’ gift towards building a dedicated hub for climate-change initiatives not only propels the Institute into a new era of environmental stewardship but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for others to join the cause. With the spirit of giving and a shared commitment to addressing global challenges, this transformative act highlights the power of education and philanthropy in driving meaningful change.

IIT Bombay is extremely grateful to its alumnus for the exceptionally generous philanthropic contribution to his / her alma mater. It is because of the unwavering support of its alumni community that IIT Bombay is able to forge a brighter and sustainable future for our beloved Institute and beyond. The Institute thanks its philanthropic donor and looks forward to a long and continued partnership with him/her in the future.