Honouring a Visionary Thinker and Leader – IIT Bombay Celebrates Mr. Nandan Nilekani’s Homecoming and Dedicates Iconic Main Building to Him

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

                                                                                                                               – Pablo Picasso

IIT Bombay celebrated 65 Years of its pursuit of excellence toward global leadership with a grand event held on campus on July 26, 2023. The Institute brought together many of its distinguished alumni, faculty, students, well-wishers, and entrepreneurs. The occasion honoured the exemplary contributions, mentorship, and overall involvement of alumni and well-wishers who have played a critical role in the continued growth and progress of the Institute.

As part of this event, a special felicitation ceremony was held to honour one of IIT Bombay’s most Distinguished Alumni, Mr. Nandan Nilekani – a visionary thought leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Plaque Dedication – The Nandan Nilekani Main Building

A plaque dedicating the Main Building to Mr. Nilekani was unveiled at the EMBA room, SJMSOM building, in his presence along with his family members, Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay, Prof. Ravi Gudi, Dean ACR, as well as several Institute dignitaries, as well as other Institute dignitaries including the HODs, Associate Deans and more.  The building will henceforth be called the Nandan Nilekani Main Building.

The hallowed halls of IIT Bombay’s iconic Main Building now stand as a living tribute to Mr. Nilekani even as his selfless and exceptional philanthropy to his alma mater is a testament to the transformative power of paying it forward and its profound impact on the future of education and nation-building.

Marking his return to the institute that gave him the skills and opportunities to pave the way to an incredible career filled with milestones, Mr. Nilekani acknowledged the same with a tweet that said, “It’s a special day for me: Returned to IIT Bombay 50 years after I first entered the institution. I am what I am because of IIT Bombay. I am confident that this hallowed institute is on its way from being India’s best to being one of the world’s best!”

During his address at the Institute, he said, “I am deeply grateful to the Board of Governors of IIT Bombay for this incredible honour. IIT Bombay has immeasurably shaped my life, and I acknowledge the contributions of the team at IIT Bombay, alums, and everyone else who has enabled me to give forward to the Institute. I dedicate this honour to every student who walks by the iconic building – I hope it inspires them to imagine and forge a better tomorrow.”

Speaking at the event, Prof. Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay, said, “IIT Bombay is always striving to develop socially impactful technology innovations towards building research and academic excellence that will drive the next phase of India’s growth and self-reliance. Behind our growth lies the unwavering support and contributions of our alumni, who have not only excelled in their respective fields but have also given back generously to their alma mater. On behalf of the Institute, I extend my sincere gratitude to our alumni and well-wishers for their immense benevolence.”

Meeting Institute Functionaries

Apart from the plaque dedication, it was a jam-packed day for Mr. Nilekani. He and his family members met with Institute functionaries in the Director’s Conference Room.

Inspiring Young Faculty and General Secretaries of Student Associations

Mr. Nilekani inspired the next generation of faculty and students of the Institute when he met with the young faculty members, entrepreneurs, the General Secretaries of Academic Affairs, UG & PG, Hostel Affairs, Culture, Technical, and the organizing committee of SARC.

Addressing Students of his Beloved Alma Mater

He then made time for the students of IIT Bombay and addressed them at the Nag Auditorium.

Hanging Out With Mood Indigo Organizers

Mr. Nilekani has always claimed that being a member of the organizing committee of Mood Indigo was where he learned his management and leadership skills. He met with the current organizing committee and shared his experiences with members of Mood Indigo 2023.

IIT Bombay and Nandan Nilekani’s Mutual Legacy

As the alma mater of a visionary leader, IIT Bombay’s dedication of its iconic Main Building to Mr. Nilekani exemplifies the profound impact that can be achieved when generosity and gratitude unite to uplift others and build a better world.

And as the sun set on this momentous occasion, the Nandan Nilekani Main Building on IIT Bombay’s campus will continue to stand tall as an enduring symbol of philanthropy and how it can shape the landscape of education and build a better and brighter tomorrow for the Institute and the country.