IIT Bombay has built an entrepreneurial ecosystem for its student community with the goal of graduating more entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders. Graduates from the Desai Sethi School of Entrepreneurship (DSSE) and the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) have gone on to play a critical role in the overall growth and development of India.

Both DSSE and SINE foster students who become entrepreneurs, launch startups, provide employment opportunities to others, innovate products, and file patents. Between DSSE and SINE, the Institute has offered cutting-edge courses on innovation and entrepreneurship, equipped students with the skill set to navigate the challenging startup landscape, supported over 200 startups, attracted investments of approximately $3.92M and additional funding of up to $736.91M, created around 200 IPs (41 from IIT Bombay), and generated around 5,500 job opportunities.

Join IIT Bombay in this transformative entrepreneurial journey! Your CSR contribution will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, create ground-breaking startups, and foster an innovation ecosystem that drives positive change in the country.