Bridging the Past and Future: IIT Bombay’s Heartfelt Reunion in Hyderabad

IIT Bombay recently hosted Hyderabad Alumni Connect, on January 20, 2024, in collaboration with the IIT Bombay Alumni Association (IITBAA). As always, fostering and fortifying the bonds with the Institute’s extended alumni community stands at the core of its ongoing commitment to excellence. And the Hyderabad Alumni Connect, on January 20, 2024, marked a significant stride in this continued journey.

Approximately 200 alumni attended the event which served as a heartfelt reunion where they rekindled their connection with their alma mater, and revelled in its remarkable milestones.

Mr. Srinivas Rao Mahankali (MSR), the CEO of T-Hub, graced the occasion as the keynote speaker. His compelling discourse delved into the burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape in India. Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay, and Prof. Ravindra D. Gudi, Dean of Alumni and Corporate Relations, shared the transformative initiatives and the visionary roadmap undertaken by their alma mater and the remarkable progress the Institute has made over the past few decades.

The event was an overwhelming success as seen by the overwhelming turnout of IITB’s alumni. The Institute is extremely grateful to the leaders of the Hyderabad chapter and the dedicated efforts of the IITBAA for orchestrating this truly memorable gathering.

As the sun sets on the resounding success of the Hyderabad Alumni Connect, IIT Bombay stands as a testament to the power of enduring connections and shared milestones. The Institute stands together with its alumni community and commits to strengthening the enduring ties that bind and propel them forward into a future marked by shared success and continued excellence.