Suhas Narayan Mehta
B.Tech., 1983 Civil Engineering

Mr. Suhas Narayan Mehta is currently the Director of SMC Infrastructure Private Limited and Founder Director for various companies in water, wastewater, energy efficiency, and road safety. He graduated with a B. Tech. in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1983.

Mr. Mehta has successfully completed the largest water treatment plant in Asia, set up multiple water supply schemes for urban and rural areas in India, the Gulf, Africa, and Maldives, established two MSW plants in Goa that convert waste to energy, ran the largest treatment plant of sewage to potable grade water for RCF for the past five years, set up a seven km long marine outfall in the Arabian sea bed, and more. Over the years Mr. Mehta has successfully completed several prestigious projects in India and abroad.

Recollecting his special memories associated with IIT Bombay, Mr. Mehta says, “Counting the number of fans and tube lights during my PH 301 course on Friday mornings to enjoying movies in the same convo hall in the evening with friends and screaming during advertisements. Pin drop silence to unlimited noise on the same day!”

His hobbies include exploring new areas of professional expertise in various fields – both in India and abroad – and providing a platform to promote talent