Professor Umesh V. Waghmare
B.Tech., 1990, Engineering Physics

Prof. Umesh Vasudeo Waghmare obtained his B.Tech. degree in Engineering Physics from IIT Bombay in 1990, his MS and MPhil in 1994 and his PhD in Applied Physics from Yale University in 1996. From 1996 to 2000, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow and research associate in Physics department of Harvard University. Prof. Waghmare joined the faculty of JNCSAR, Bengaluru in 2000, where he is currently a Professor in the Theoretical Sciences Unit, and the Dean, Academic Affairs. He presently serves as a member of the Council and a Secretary of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

Prof. Waghmare has used first-principles (non-empirical) physical theories, modeling and computer simulations effectively in obtaining fundamental insights into microscopic mechanisms that govern multi-scale behavior of a wide range of materials and their technologically important properties. These include smart multi-functional materials, nano-materials and topological insulators, which have applications in sensors, actuators, computer memories, energy conversion and storage, and catalysis of reactions for clean environment. Taking into account most realistic aspects of a material, his work leads to prediction of material-specific phenomena ranging from sensitive ferroelectricity to mechanical properties of super-alloys used in blades of a jet engine. It involves strong interactions with experimentalists and has transcended the boundaries of physics, chemistry and engineering, with focus on materials. He regularly contributes to organization of short-term schools and workshops for training students in computational materials science. Through active involvement in Science Outreach activities, he has reached out to broad spectrum of people ranging from school children in remote villages of Uttarakhand to graduate students in Africa.

Prof. Waghmare is a recipient of the Infosys prize in Engineering and Computer Science in 2015, a JC Bose National Fellowship in 2014, India Citation Award in 2012, S S Bhatnagar prize in Physical Sciences in 2010, IBM Faculty award in 2009, DAE Outstanding Researcher Award (2009), BM Birla prize in Physics and an MRSI Medal in 2005, DuPont Young Faculty grant award in 2004. He has been elected to the fellowship of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad and Indian National Science Academy, Delhi.

Special Memories

His special memories associated with IIT Bombay include week-end hikes to various peaks in the Western Ghats, the annual elections in H-7, and preparations for PAF.