Mr. Vivek Barsopia
M.Tech. 2018 Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Mr. Vivek Barsopia is a Computer Vision Research Scientist at Rakuten, Japan. He received his M. Tech. degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) from IIT Bombay in 2018.

Mr. Barsopia is a machine-learning researcher and engineer with four years of experience in identifying and addressing business problems with innovative and patentable solutions. Prior to working at Rakuten in its AI division in Tokyo, Mr. Barsopia worked with NEC’s Innovation Unit, Japan, and Augle AI to create new and valuable services.

Recalling his time spent at IIT Bombay, Mr. Barsopia says, “I am thankful to professors and alumni at IEOR who brought industry projects to our department and gave me a chance to work on several projects at Million SoUL, Tata Memorial Hospital, and Mitsubishi Fuso. These helped me build skills to analyse and investigate business problems. I still remember the breathtaking views of Powai Lake from the terrace of hostel 14 at sunrise, sunset, and during midnight. I also remember the early days at Augle Al while working from the computer labs at hostels 7 and 14.”

His hobbies include cycling, skiing, playing Monopoly board games, and reading technology and start-up news.