Mr. Venkatesh Kasturirangan
B. Tech. 1969, Chemical Engineering

Mr. V. Kasturirangan obtained his PGDBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Starting as a Brand Manager in Warner Hindustan Level Ltd. in 1971, he has had an outstanding career in corporate management leading to his present position of Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Unilever Philippines.

From 1973 to 1979 Mr. Kasturirangan was Area Sales Manager, Senior Brand Manager, Brand Sales Manager and Marketing and Sales Manager, Foods with Hindustan Lever Ltd., Mumbai. For a year, in 1981, he was General Sales Manager, Lipton India Ltd., which was followed by his first assignment abroad as General Sales Operations Manager, Unilever Indonesia at Jakarta from 1982 to 1984. He was back in Mumbai with Hindustan Lever Ltd. as General Manager Personal Products, 1985-1989, and as Vice President, Personal Products 1990-1992. Before his present assignment as Chairman CEO, Unilever Philippines, he was Regional Liaison Member, East Asia Pacific of Unilever PLC, London.

Mr. Kasturirangan lives in Manila, Philippines with his wife Lalitha and two daughters.