Mr. Vasant Vasant Limaye
B. Tech., 1978, Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Vasant Vasant Limaye is Founder of High Places Management Pvt. Limited – a pioneering and leading organization in the field of Outdoor Management Development. He is also Chairman, Founder and President of Maha Adventure Council (MAC). In addition, he is also a writer, blogger, mountaineer and an entrepreneur. He earned his B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1978 and Diploma in Outdoor Education from Scotland.

Mr. Limaye pioneered the concept of using outdoor and adventurous activities for personality development for children (Outdoor Education) and developing leadership and team building skills for management development for corporate organizations in India.

Mr. Limaye has six books to his credit, of which four books are about travel and adventure in Sanhyadri and Himalayas, and two books are celebrated popular novels in Marathi – ‘Loch Griffin’ and ‘Vishwasta’. Through the efforts of MAC, Mr. Limaye is helping the government and adventure community in area establishing safety framework in Maharashtra.

Mr. Limaye is a Fellow of Royal Geography Society, London. He has received the ATOAI Lifetime Achievement Award for Adventure and Outdoor Management; ‘Sahakar Maharshi’ Literature award for his very first novel ‘Loch Griffin’ and ‘Akshar Wangmay Puraskar’ for ‘Vishwasta’ from Poornavad Pariwar.

Special Memories

“I received great support and encouragement for my trekking and mountaineering activities, both at IIT Bombay and also while being part of projects as an alumnus. Notable expeditions were – Shabari Expedition 1977, Jogin Expedition 1979, Kalabaland Expedition 1982, Kokankada Expedition 1985 and Kangchenjunga Expedition 1988. I also received great encouragement in my efforts of acting in Marathi theatre”