Mr. Sunil Shenoy
B. Tech., 1980, Electrical Engineering

Mr. Sunil Shenoy is Senior Vice President at the Design Engineering Group of Intel Corporation, United States. He earned his B.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1980, Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University in 1981 and MBA degree from University of Oregon in 1995.

Mr. Shenoy worked on the world’s first superscalar microprocessor and first out of order microprocessor on a single chip – the P6 or Pentium Pro processor which came to the market in 1995. This breakthrough cemented the rise of Intel’s microprocessors in servers and consolidated their position in personal computers. It led to the era of market horizontalization, where chip vendors like Intel specialized in building advanced microprocessor components for all system vendors.   Mr. Shenoy supervised the design of many generations of Intel’s microprocessors and SOCs and led teams across the world. He also led the development of graphics and high-performance computing processors. After leaving Intel, he worked on the open architecture RISC-V microprocessors. Mr. Shenoy was instrumental in developing broad and deep-design capability for Intel in Bangaluru, which is now a major design site for advanced microprocessors, SOC and IP.

Earlier, Mr. Shenoy worked as Senior Vice President of SiFive (2017-20) and as Corporate Vice President at Intel Corporation (1981-14). He has 16 patents in the field of computer hardware to his credit.

Mr. Shenoy is an active fundraiser for IIT Heritage Fund and the educational NGO Pratham in USA.

Special Memories

“Hiking in the Sahyadris in the monsoon and winter with IIT groups. Playing tennis on gymkhana court”.