Mr. Suhas Narayan Mehta
B. Tech., 1983, Civil Engineering

Mr. Suhas Narayan Mehta is currently associated with seven companies and is the Director of SMC Infrastructures Private Limited and the Founder Director for Hindustan Waste Treatment, Efficient Illumination, Metalmeccanica Fracasso, Vasudha Waste Treatment, Chafal Road Developers, IPMKVD HAM road, Kefi Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

After completing his graduation from IIT Bombay, Mr. Mehta decided to stay back in India and work in the field of civil engineering. Even today, the sector is unorganised and most people consider it to be a short term opportunity. He decided to build an organisation with rich and varied field experience and generate job opportunities for individuals at all levels. He has contributed to providing improved standards of living, education and health facility for the families and safety awareness of individuals. He is planning to build a 150 bed multi speciality hospital in Thane along with a Naturopathy centre in Igatpuri.

Mr. Mehta has successfully completed the largest water treatment plant in Asia, multiple water supply schemes for urban and rural areas in India, Gulf and Africa. One of its kind MSW plant converting waste-to-energy at Goa is running successfully over the last five years. Largest treatment plant of sewage to potable grade water for RCF, seven km long marine outfall in Arabian sea in sea bed, water and sanitation on 13 islands at Maldives, major bridges, tunnels etc., are areas of his experience.

Special Memories

"I was a reasonably good Bridge player. We had number of inter-hostel tournaments and on my way for one of such tournament, I was attacked by a cow near H4 and my partner ran away. We had a fight for almost 15 minutes, where I was bitten by the cow at number of places. I was lying on ground with the cow over me, who had recently lost her calf. Finally, I was rescued by the H4 security and the news had spread all over campus as wildfire."