Mr. Sudarshan Saraf
B.Tech. 1970, Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Sudarshan Saraf is the co-owner of the Technocraft Group of Industries which he founded along with his brother Mr. Sharad Saraf (Alumnus, IITB, 1969, Electrical Engineering).

Mr. Sudarshan Saraf helped raise Rs. 12 lakhs during the silver jubilee celebrations of the class of 1969 in 1994 as Alumni contribution. He has also interacted this year with a private trust controlled by large industrialists to donate Rs. 1 crore for the school of Management at IIT Bombay. Besides, he has been very actively involved with Alumni networking. Mr. Saraf started his Techocraft Group of Industries in a modest way with his brother which has now grown into a 100% Export Unit with turn over of nearly 200 crores. It was the first company in the world to break the monopoly of an American multinational in Sheet Metal closures and related equipments. It is also the second largest drum closure producer in the world.

Mr. Saraf has also pioneered the development of interval thread rolling process developed and built SPM’s and tools that increased yields and some were the first of its kind introduced in the US which saved the customers a few people per shift. He also holds 3 patents each in new process, new product and new tooling.