Mr. Satyendra Pakhalé
(M.Des., I.D.C., 1991)

Mr. Satyendra Pakhalé received his M.Des. degree from the Industrial Design Centre at IIT Bombay in 1991. Later, he was trained as a designer at Art Centre Europe, Switzerland.

A multifaceted industrial designer, Mr. Pakhalé was part of the pioneering ‘new business creation’ team, conceiving some of the first product ideas for new technologies in the area of digital communication and transportation design at Philips Design in mid-90’s.

Since 1998, Mr. Pakhalé has been working worldwide from his Amsterdam-based design studio on a wide range of disciplines with international design manufacturers, architectural practitioners, technological venturers and cultural and educational institutions. His designs emanate from cultural dialogue, synthesising new applications of materials and technologies. His ongoing curiosity in materials, technology and its cultural plural expression has led to limited edition pieces represented by Gabrielle Ammann Gallery, Cologne, Germany. Pakhalé’s works are in permanent collections of prestigious museums worldwide.

Mr. Pakhalé considers the design profession an expression of true human optimism. He is motivated by social, technological, ecological, industrial and, above all, cultural parameters, as much as by a purely creative vision. His prime interest is the design of mass producible challenging products and public architecture.