Mr. Santosh C. Bhoosthali
M.Tech., 2007 Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Santosh C. Bhoosthali is Technology Specialist at Garrett – Advancing Motion in Bengaluru. He obtained his M.Tech. degree in Thermal and Fluids Engineering from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay in 2007.

Mr. Bhoosthali, on his memories of IIT Bombay, said, “…starting with an interview by the panel for MTech admission to Sukhatme Sir’s special class on heat transfer, surprise quiz by Gaitonde Sir, the expectation of perfection by M.V. Rane Sir, Fortran coding for Date Sir and experiments at Heat Pump Lab. Also, surprise visit of leopard to Heat Pump Labs and heavy raining in 2005!”

Mr. Bhoosthali was part of the organizing committee (Bengaluru Chapter) for CareerLeap 2016 event, tech talks such as Data Security, Blockchain, Machine learning, Institute Diamond Jubilee event, Fresher’s night, etc.

His hobbies include playing chess and reading books.