Mr. Sanjay Jain
B.Tech., 1987 Computer Science & Engineering

Mr. Sanjay Jain is currently a Partner at the Bharat Innovation Fund. He received his B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay which was followed by his MS in Computer Science from the University of California, USA, in 1989.

Mr. Jain is a partner at the Bharat Innovation Fund which invests in early-stage companies that use Intellectual Property as a business differentiator. At IIMA Ventures, Mr. Jain led the efforts at the Bharat Inclusion Initiative to bring more people into the formal economy, and workforce in India.

During his career, Mr. Jain has been responsible for the development of many large-scale, high-impact systems. He has been one of the key contributors to help create and evangelize various government APIs, which are collectively referred to as the India Stack. These APIs have led to the digitization of various processes, enabling them to go paperless, cashless, and presenceless. He is currently the Chair of the Technology Committee at the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) that helps bring Digital Identity to the world. MOSIP is live in 3 countries and working with 15 others. Over 100 Million IDs have been issued through MOSIP implementations.

Mr. Jain worked with NPCI to define the Unified Payment Interface. UPI has grown to be one of the largest digital payment systems in the World, performing 12 billion transactions a month.

He was the Chief Product Manager at the UIDAI, where he led the product development efforts from its early days till well after the launch. The UIDAI has issued over a billion numbers to Indian residents and handles over 50M authentication requests per day. He was also responsible for the creation and launch of Google Map Maker – a crowd-sourced mapping product that is responsible for the data of Google Maps in 170+ countries (including India and China).

Mr. Jain is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from IIT Bombay.

Hobbies: “Reading, Photography”

Special Memories Associated with IIT Bombay

“Too many! Starting friendships that have now lasted a lifetime, hanging out in the CC, being part of campus activities, and working on the 1st RDBMS implementation as an IITB project.”