Mr. Sanjay Dhall
B.Tech., 1985 Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Sanjay Dhall is the Founder of Detroit Flying Cars, LLC, and President of Emergent Systems Corporation.

Mr. Dhall obtained B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1985 and M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo in USA.

On his memories of IIT Bombay, Mr. Dhall recollects, “Sound of chappals dragging on the downhill road, walking back to hostel with friends from afternoon classes in Department, heads exploding with confusing fundas, accompanied by bantering and teasing each other for our dumb responses to the professors’ questions, and poking fun at the professors’ peculiarities. With expectant relief of chai and samosas in the mess”.

Speaking about contributions made by Mr. Dhall for the Chapter, the Michigan Chapter President Rajesh Radhakrishnan says, “Sanjay Dhall is a most enthusiastic volunteer, and much-loved member of the Michigan alumni family. He is the driving force behind the “Picnic in the Hangar” events that, since 2014, have been a staple of late summer/ early autumn Michigan (& Ohio) IITians. The joy rides over Canton/ Detroit Metro hosted by experienced pilots from Sanjay’s cohort at the Canton Regional Airport made “Picnic in the Hangar” a hit across age-groups. Sanjay is also an enthusiastic participant who rolls up his sleeves for other events in Michigan, and lends muchawaaz at our “happy hour” 3rd Saturday lunches at Aahar Restaurant, and lets us borrow his office for our 1st Saturday Speed Talks mixers. A good friend, a good listener, and always there for the IITian friends”. Mr. Radhakrishnan, also said, “From the picnics and lunches, to flying us on his plane or flying car and everything in between, hosting alumni and IIT director-deans in his office, brewing and serving coffee at our events, Sanjay is there with his calm demeanor and smiling face since 2013, truly the guy who only asks, “how can I help?” (and has meant it all the way the last 6 years)”.

Mr. Dhall loves to design and invent new things, especially designing, building and flying full-size airplanes and model airplanes.