Mr. Salil Donde
B.Tech., 1980 Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Salil Donde works with several PE firms as a Limited and Operating Partner and is currently serving on several boards as the Board Director. Mr. Donde acquired his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay, India, his MS in Robotics and Control Systems from Clemson University, USA, in 1982, and his MBA from Columbia University, USA, in 2000.

Mr. Donde was the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at Ventiv Technology, a global provider of Risk Management and Processing Solutions enabled with market-leading Analytics and Artificial Intelligence technology, to reduce the total cost of risk. In January 2024, Mr. Donde led the sale of Ventiv to a private equity backed company.

Mr. Donde has been CEO and Board Member at AlphaPoint, the leader and developer of Blockchain and Exchange technology; MSB, the world’s largest provider of residential and commercial property valuation software used by over 90% of the insurance companies; and Lewtan where he worked with leading financial institutions during the financial crisis in their “funding for lending” program. Under his tenure as an EVP and Section 16 officer, Nasdaq became the premier listing venue for ETFs and supported over 40,000 indexes including the Nasdaq 100 index and the QQQ ETF. Under Mr. Donde’s leadership, Nasdaq’s highly profitable and rapidly growing GIS business comprised over a third of Nasdaq’s global business.

Mr. Donde also launched an AI-driven Natural-Language-based software for real-time machine and process control applications and developed an algorithm for real-time control of robots. He launched the technology for writing new personal lines insurance for independent agents using electronic submission. He is actively involved in supporting orphan elephants, and children’s education, helping wounded soldiers, and arranging for angel flights to help patients in need of airplane transportation. IBM recognized Mr. Donde as IBM’s Top Gun.

Hobbies: “Flying his plane, skiing, hiking, running, boating and playing with Bubbles”

Any other interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share: I am an adjunct faculty member at the IIT Bombay’s School of Entrepreneurship, where I mentor students and teach wide-ranging topics including sales, marketing and strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, business models, finance, and capital markets. I was one of the first professors at the School of Entrepreneurship. I am currently involved in developing the MEng. Program in Entrepreneurship at IIT Bombay. I produced a children’s animation film “When Forests Disappear” that teaches children the importance of forests to humans and animals, through a cartoon/ animation film medium that kids can understand. I also provide airplane transportation in my plane for patients.

Special Memories Associated with IIT Bombay

“Mountaineering and expeditions, debating, drama, hostel 8 friends, camaraderie and “cack” sessions, Mood Indigo, and Friday night movies at the convo”