Mr. Ramesh Mangaleswaran
B. Tech., 1989, Metallurgical Engineering

Mr. Ramesh Mangaleswaran is a Senior Partner at McKinsey and Company Inc. He obtained his B. Tech. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1989 and Masters in Business Management from IIM Ahmedabad.

In his client work, Mr. Mangaleswaran supports top management of companies across sectors in shaping strategy, building operational excellence, and strengthening their organizations. He has developed 5-year growth strategies for several major businesses in the civil, infrastructure, concessions and heavy manufacturing sectors, designed and executed largescale transformation efforts in breakthrough cost reduction and adoption of advanced analytics and digital technologies for performance improvement etc.

Mr. Mangaleswaran has led multiple projects to assess and help realize the full potential of India’s manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, in collaboration with leading industry associations. He has led a major McKinsey knowledge initiative on global trends in sourcing manufactured goods from low-cost countries, identifying effective responses for companies in both developed and emerging economies. A key focus of Mr. Mangaleshwaran’s work is on building leadership and talent, often through long-term partnerships with his clients. For example, he helped create a multi-year leadership development program for a major engineering firm to support a strategy of rapid growth. He also designed the organization structure and talent model for a diversified engineering and infrastructure corporation.

Mr. Mangaleswaran actively contributes to non-profit organizations in the field of education. He serves on the boards of the Pratham Education Foundation and the Pratham Skills Institute, amongst India’s largest NGOs. He also actively involved in multiple higher education institutes, including the IIMA Endowment Fund and Krea University.

Mr. Mangaleswaran was awarded “ET Prime Givers 2014” (list of philanthropists in India) and by Business Today in “25 young leaders under 40” in 2008.

Special Memories

“The academic and the extra-curricular activities at IIT Bombay have shaped my career and personality significantly. IIT Bombay is where I learned to be independent and to take initiative, hone my social skills and form friendships that I nurture and cherish to this day.
One of my most abiding memories of IIT Bombay is being a lead organiser of Mood Indigo 89 and pulling together the all-night classical at the Convocation Hall, with L Subramanian and Zakir Hussain starting at 4 am”.