Mr. R. Srinivasan
B.Tech., 1973 Electrical Engineering

Mr. R. Srinivasan pursued B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1973 and later pursued his Postgraduate Diploma in Management (MBA) from IIM Bangalore in 1976. After serving as Management Consultant for 30 years, he retired in 2008.

He cherishes all the memories of days spent at IIT Bombay. He said, “The most exciting thing was the late night discussions in the hostel with other batchmates. They would all pile on in my room since I had a corner room in Hostel 3. This room was bigger than other rooms. We enjoyed a few music sessions too”.

Regarding the contributions made by Mr. Srinivasan for the Chapter, the President of IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter Mr. Shashi Mantrawadi said, “Srini, as Srinivasan is popularly known, is one of the founding members of the Chapter since its inception in 2002. He served the Chapter as Jt. Secretary for four years and worked hard to boost the Chapter’s membership. As a dedicated volunteer, he took major efforts to organize the Chapter’s inaugural get-together in the presence of the then IIT Bombay Director Prof. Ashok Misra. During the early days of the Chapter, he took the initiative to organize several alumni programs including get-togethers, IIT Bombay Golden Jubilee Outreach Program, etc. His major contribution was to organize a meeting in 2003 with Hyderabad CII Board for initiating IIT Bombay-Industry joint activity and to make IIT Bombay R&D presentation on behalf of IIT Bombay. Srini continues to participate in all major events and get-togethers, during which he interacts and encourages young alumni to be active in the alumni movement”.

His current hobby, and also pass-time, is playing Bridge online which he learned when he was at IIT Bombay.