Mr. Nakul Aggarwal
B.Tech., 2000 Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Mr. Nakul Aggarwal is currently the Co-founder and CTO of BrowserStack and received his B. Tech. in CSE from IIT Bombay.

Mr. Aggarwal is a serial tech entrepreneur from India who loves solving difficult problems that have the potential for global impact. After failing with two startups in AI/sentiment analysis and a large database of website information, he tasted success with BrowserStack, which builds a global infrastructure for testing browsers and real mobile devices in the cloud. He loves getting his hands dirty with all problems related to tech and business operations.

As the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, he is at the forefront of revolutionizing software testing of BrowserStack. T he platform, embraced by industry giants like Microsoft, Twitter, Wells Fargo, Discovery, and Expedia, empowers them to enhance software quality and expedite development cycles.

His leadership extends beyond mere management; he champions a dedicated team to deliver instant access to a comprehensive testing platform with a robust cloud infrastructure housing 20,000+ real devices. This breakthrough ensures that his 50,000+ customers execute over two million tests daily, transcending global testing constraints.

His initiative at BrowserStack is not just about technological advancement; it’s a commitment to fostering efficiency and excellence in software testing. By democratizing access to diverse testing environments, he enables organizations worldwide to deliver flawless software at an unprecedented pace. Mr. Aggarwal believes that he is not just steering BrowserStack, he is catalysing transformation in the tech industry. BrowserStack’s impact transcends beyond borders, driving progress and setting new standards for quality assurance. BrowserStack is more than a testing platform; it’s a testament to a collective dedication to redefining what’s possible in the digital age and shaping the future. Mr. Aggarwal has won the ET 40 under 40.

Hobbies: “Big movie buff, and I love spending time with my wife and my toddlers.”

Special Memories Associated with IIT Bombay

“Being challenged (it was a tough learning ground) by professors and peers to solve difficult problems. Spending days and nights with close buddies in the computer centre to complete assignments and projects. Built my muscle to think before implementing stuff. Early morning breakfast after a full nighter at Maddu Mess or Hostel-13. Coaching by professors on so many different facets, streams, and technologies. Vast infrastructure and opportunities to volunteer for problems and be part of solving them. Learning to say no!”