Mr. Mohan Kavrie
B.Tech., 1971, Civil Engineering

Mr. Mohan Kavrie graduated from IIT Bombay in 1971 and thereafter went to USA to obtain MS in Operations Research. After completing his MS, in 1973, he returned to India to start his professional career.

Mr. Kavrie started his career as a junior officer in a medium sized Company in Mumbai, and worked his way to the top of the organization in a very short time. However, this Company started sliding in the early eighties and was on the verge of closure by 1986. Not desiring to once again
have to work his way up in a new organization, Mr. Kavrie chose to start his own business and venture into the area of Nonwoven fabrics.

With initial financial support from Mr. Esmailbhai Dhariwala, Dr. Kavrie started Supreme Nonwovens Pvt. Ltd. in 1986, with the first plant near Vapi, Gujarat. Nonwoven fabrics are an important part of Technical Textiles and today constitute almost 30% value of all textile activity in the developed countries. Application areas for Nonwovens are very wide and find end uses on the industrial as well as on the consumer side. Today, Supreme Nonwovens is a leader in India and among a handful of Nonwoven companies globally that have competence in the entire spectrum of nonwoven technologies. In the mid-90’s his company ‘Supreme’ decided to forward integrate into the manufacturing of automotive interior trims and acoustic insulation components and today, it has become a leader in the auto components business too. The company is consistently recognized and awarded for its competencies in technology, quality and delivery. Mr. Kavrie attributes the success of the Group to the commitment and hard work of his team.

According to Mr. Kavrie Manufacturing provides opportunities to large number of persons with limited schooling and in many instances coming from families where no person has ever held a full time job. This not only helps his family but the most beneficial outcome is that he is able to provide for and educate his children. This has multiplier effect that changes whole communities of the underprivileged.

Special Memories

My memories associated with IIT Bombay mostly pertain to life in the Hostel and the animated discussions with persons from very different backgrounds that prepared us for real world ahead.