Mr. Madhusudan Reddy M
M.Sc., 1974 Civil Engineering

Mr. Madhusudan Reddy is the Managing Director of Banjara Cements Ltd.; Managing Partner, Banjara Construction and Developers; Promoter Director, VIF Airways Ltd.; Director, Wheels Global Foundation; President of Jeevani Waste Management – an NGO; President of four residential colonies doing community work; and on the Board of Woxsen School of Business.

Mr. Reddy obtained his M.Sc. in Applied Geology from the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay in 1974. He was also a Research Scholar at the Department.

His memories during his four-year stay at IIT Bombay are more associated with his active participation in sports and cultural activities.

Speaking on the contributions made by Mr. Reddy for the Chapter, the Ex-President of IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter Mr. Shashi Mantrawadi said, “Madhu, as a senior and inspiring alumnus, was co-opted in to the Executive Committee of Hyderabad Chapter for a period of 3 years to revive and guide alumni activities in 2011. He has been generous in extending invitations for all possible occasions to alumni, be it networking dinners, lunches or coffee meetings at his house. He ensured that the atmosphere was the best throughout and took personal pains in making things happen. He has been participating in all the activities of the Hyderabad Chapter and encouraging others to do so. He had been the go-to man to help raise funds whenever the Chapter fell short for funds”.

“Madhu was the brain and heart behind the Drinking Water Project undertaken by the IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter. He was passionately involved in the entire project involving several plants installed in rural places of Telangana facing severe drinking water challenges, right from identifying the village, understanding the requirements from the field level, raising funds to subsequently supervising completion of the project. This was a key activity of giving back to the society led by IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter,” Mr. Mantrawadi added.

His hobbies include bird watching, wildlife photography, traveling, promoting and collecting art.