Mr. Kashyap Deorah
B.Tech., 2000 Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Mr. Kashyap Deorah is currently the Founder and CEO of HyperTrack. He received his B. Tech. in CSE from IIT Bombay.

Mr. Deorah was part of the pilot project of IIT Bombay’s business incubator, which went on to become SINE. Righthalf was featured on the front page of the New York Times and later acquired by Silicon Valley-based Stratify. He started the first e-commerce marketplace in India and sold it to the Future Group (Pantaloon and Big Bazaar Group), and became President of their e-commerce business, which was larger than Flipkart at the time. He created a mobile payments app out of Powai for restaurant diners in the US, which then went on to become Pay with OpenTable. OpenTable was a public company and the largest restaurant reservations app in the US. It was sold to Booking. com in 2014. When Apple launched the iPhone 6s with Apple Pay, the f irst app that the world saw with in-app payments was Pay with OpenTable.

Mr. Deorah wrote The Golden Tap, published in 2015, predicting that Indian startup funding by global investors was a short-term bubble pegged to Chinese markets. When the China market crashed in August 2015, causing the funding winter in India, the book became a bestseller. IIT Bombay hosted one of the launch events in the Lecture T heater, along with Prof. Phatak reading his favorite sections.

Mr. Deorah has invested in several startups founded by Indian entrepreneurs that went on to become unicorns: Meesho, Gupshup, LEAD, DealShare, H2O. ai, and Toppr (acquired by Byju’s). He is currently an investor in about 100 startups. He represented the world’s largest formal verification services company Oski Technology in their M&A process (as an independent Board Member) eventually leading to an acquisition by Nvidia in 2021, with the direct involvement of Nvidia’s founder Jensen Huang. He founded Hyper Track, which is on its way to becoming the standard in proof of-work automation in field service management.

He was invited to join IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation’s Board of Directors to rally the younger generation of alumni in America to give back to their alma mater. He was the founding donor to UC Berkeley’s India Energy and Climate Centre and was inducted into the Builders of Berkeley Wall in 2022. He was inducted into the Dean’s Circle of donors when he contributed to the setting up of IIT Bombay’s Centre for Machine Intelligence and Data Science (C-MInDS) in 2022.

Mr. Deorah has been honured with several awards and accolades over the years. He was the Keynote Speaker – India Internet Day 2016, Tie Smashup Delhi 2016, SIMERGENCE 2012, and Kotak Equities Chasing Growth 2016. He was the guest speaker at the Harvard Business School on the Case Study for Pay with Open Table 2014 and won the Best New Technology Innovator Award given by He won the Young Achievers Award 2017 given by the Rotary Club of Bombay West and was inducted to the Builders of Berkeley Wall in 2023.

Any other interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share: I like making declarations about myself decades ahead. At age 35 I’d declared I would run a marathon at age 50. At age 40 I’d declared I would publish a novel in 10 years. Guess 2030 is going to be a big year!”

Hobbies: “Involved parent for 11-year-old, Kanav, and 7-year-old, Fia. Regular Vipassana meditator. Keen interest in healthy and mindful living. Love travel and the outdoors.”

Special Memories Associated with IIT Bombay

“Played football for IIT Bombay in my freshie year 1996. Was the fastest cross-country runner of my batch during 1996-97. Won the best performer at PAF and best actor in mono-acting in my sophomore year, 1997-98. Was a founding team member of Techfest in 1997 (for Techfest’98), then went on to become the overall coordinator of Techfest99, which exceeded Mood Indigo in sponsorship and attendance in only its second year. Was one of the authors of the constitution of Techfest. Now Techfest is the largest technology festival in the country. Got debarred from campus placements after missing a day interview, and instead travelled to Delhi to meet Rakesh Mathur who funded my campus startup. Nearly failed my BTP where my startup idea was the project. Most importantly, found my life partner at IIT Bombay. Shruti is a Dual Degree EE 1998-2003.”