Mr. Harpreet S. Grover
Dual Degree 2005, Civil Engineering

Mr. Harpreet S. Grover is the Co-founder of – company recently acquired by Aon Hewitt. Mr. Grover obtained his dual degree in Civil Engineering from Ill Bombay in 2005. He then joined induct is where he spent two years before starting

Helping people in their careers has always been close to his heart. Based on his personal experience, Mr. Grover started Be Prepared (compilation of interview and job experiences) when in college. This finally led to leaving his analytics job to start which today is India’s leading employability measurement platform impacting a million careers from plumbing to programming each year. Creating this ecosystem has been tough and the efforts paid off with acquisition of by Aon Hewitt in November 2016.

Special Memories

”IIT Bombay is where I met my co-founder Vibhore Goyal and my wife Bhakti (who came to do a project in IDC and stayed on in my life forever) – two people who I have spent most of the time since leaving IIT with. Playing squash, sitting at lake side and finishing off with an and a dosa at maddu was how a day after classes looked like. Out of my Techfest core team of 19, 17 of us ended up becoming entrepreneurs. And this seems like a nice place to mention that ours was the lucky last batch to be allowed motorcycles which played a large role in getting a girlfriend.’ the thief had been caught, thus my efforts were wasted. “