Mr. Hari Mohan Bangur
B. Tech., 1975, Chemical Engineering

Mr. Hari Mohan Bangur is the Managing Director of Shree Cement Limited. He earned his B.Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1975.

Mr. Bangur has been leading Shree Cement Ltd. since 1992. During this period, he has extensively worked with industry experts on many issues related to energy conservation, innovation, use of technology, alternative raw material and fuel, etc., and has firsthand experience of dealing with all issues related to cement operations.

Mr. Bangur was the President of the Cement Manufacturing Association (CMA), the leading industry body of cement manufacturers in India during 2007-09. During his tenure, he made efforts to increase use of flyash in cement manufacturing and promoted concrete roads in place of bituminous road to improve the life and durability of government infrastructure. Mr. Bangur is associated with many industry bodies such as Bharat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCBM) etc. where he deals with many industry-related issues.

At Shree Cement Ltd., Mr. Bangur has inculcated a practice of continual improvement. Accordingly, innovations became a continual process which has led to cost reduction and competitive advantage.

Mr. Bangur pursues a path where risk taking is coupled with sound business principle. He defines his company’s success based on the strength of its judicious capital allocation and financial discipline. Mr. Bangur says, “Shree (Shree Cement Ltd.) has never overleveraged itself for growth despite being one of the fastest growing cement company in India.

Mr. Bangur is credited with various innovations in the cement industry such as use of pet-coke as fuel, installation of waste heat recovery power plants, production of synthetic gypsum, installation of Air Cooled Condensers in power plants etc. which has shaped the industry as we see it today.

Mr. Bangur is focused on improving efficiencies, optimizing costs (both project and operational) and enhancing productivity in operations. His company holds a world record of completing cement projects in shortest time at lowest project costs as compared to its peers. He is a strong propagator of deploying sustainable practices in cement operations to reduce carbon footprint.

Mr. Bangur is associated with various charitable organizations in personal capacity and actively overseeing the philanthropic activities of the group particularly in the field of education, healthcare and social welfare. It is because of his personal initiative that a girls college in Didwana, Rajasthan and a girls’ hostel in MBM engineering college, Jodhpur were established. He is also running a project, in association with Kolkata police, known as “Pronam” which is dedicated to senior citizen’s health, security and welfare.

Mr. Bangur is a recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur (EOY) of the Year (EOY) Award 2016 in “manufacturing category”; Entrepreneur of the year Award at the seventh Forbes India Leadership Awards (FILA) 2017 and he was featured on front cover of Annual Forbes Magazine of 2017.

Special Memories

Time spent at IIT Bombay gave me a whole new perspective about life. From luxurious life of Kolkata to a hardworking life in IIT was a sea change. People were far more intelligent and hard working. For the first time, I felt my views were not absolute. I needed to respect others’ opinion as well. There was no time for anything except for study. Now, when I look back, I can say workload was sufficient but at that time, it felt very high. Friends were career oriented and for everyone, work was worship. High level of talent was there in all fi elds-be it music, chess, bridge, mind game etc.