Mr. Gaurav Porwal
Dual Degree (B. Tech. +M. Tech.) 2005 Chemical Engineering

Mr. Gaurav Porwal earned his dual degree (B. Tech. +M. Tech.) in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2005 and an MBA degree in Strategy and Marketing from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad in 2010. He is the Vice President, Global Sales at Ola Cabs, Bengaluru.

Recollecting memories associated with IIT Bombay, Mr. Porwal said, “IIT Bombay has given me so many special memories and friends for life that it’s not easy to single them out. In my very first year, I got to hear my favourite singer, Jagjit Singh, live at OAT after waiting for almost 4 hours in the queue outside! That mesmerizing experience led to a long string of events which got me deeply involved in cultural activities on the campus from organizing hostel events to supporting Mood Indigo’s core team as General Secretary, Cultural Affairs. And of course, can never forget those numerous night-outs (mostly non-academic) ending with some great breakfast at Maddu Mess”.

Speaking about contributions made by Mr. Porwal for his Chapter, Bengaluru Chapter President Dr. Smita Gupta says, “As part of Core Team Member of Village Knowledge Centers (VKC) project in Bangalore during 2007-08, Mr. Porwal contributed by engaging volunteers for the initiative and helping organize a Pan IIT music event to raise awareness and funds for the project. He played a critical role in Clean Drinking Water Project (led by MM Reddy) in which 5 RO plants were installed in villages near Hyderabad to provide residents of the village access to clean drinking water. He also, led fund raising efforts for the project and collected almost Rs.5 lakhs in donations through outreach efforts. He was an Executive Committee Member of IITBAA Hyderabad Chapter for five years, including two years as President”.

His hobbies include reading, swimming, listening to and singing ghazals.