Mr. Ashok Kamath
(M.Sc., Mathematics, 1981)

Mr. Ashok Kamath obtained his M.Sc. in Mathematics from IIT Bombay in 1981.

Immediately after his studies at IIT Bombay, Mr. Kamath started his work at Analog Devices Inc., a Boston-based manufacturer of integrated circuits, and set up the Indian operations of Analog Devices. In March 2004, he retired as the Managing Director of Analog Devices India and has since focused full time on social initiatives.

Mr. Kamath is currently the Chairman of Akshara Foundation, which is a public-private partnership that aims to have “Every Child in School and
Learning Well”. Over the past five years alone, Akshara’s work has impacted over 450,000 children at both the pre-school and primary school
levels in Karnataka. Akshara’s footprint in 2012 extended to over 2200 government Anganwadis and over 650 government primary schools in
the urban, peri-urban and rural areas of Karnataka. Mr. Kamath is also a co-Founder and Trustee of Pratham Books, a public charitable trust that believes in “A Book in Every Child’s Hand” and publishes high-quality books for children in multiple Indian languages.

Mr. Kamath has also served on the Board of Directors of the IITB Alumni Association.