Mr. Ajay Bhagwat
B.Tech, 1985, Electrical Engineering

Mr. Ajay Bhagwat is the Founder and Managing Director of Renu Electronics, headquartered in Pune and having sales offices in US, Europe and Singapore. The company was one of the first in the country to be in the Global ‘products’ business and has been a leader in the industry. Under his leadership, Renu Electronics was adjudged as the best company in Electronics, in the State of Maharashtra, several times. Mr. Bhagwat has also been a founder of several other companies and has served as a Director on the boards of various companies including KPIT Information Technology Ltd., Cummins Information Technology Ltd., Electronica Mechatronics Ltd., Prizm Electronics Inc., LR Med Inc., and many others. Over the years, Mr. Bhagwat has been conferred the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award by various organizations including “Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award” by Entrepreneurs International in 2013.

After completing his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, Mr. Bhagwat did his MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Iowa, United States. During his IIT days, he was an active participant in the cultural and other activities of the institute. He was the General Secretary of the hostel and was a part of the core committee of all the Mood Indigo events, held during those years. He was moreover, the founding member of ‘Surbahar,’ the musical evening that IIT Bombay organizes till date.

Mr. Bhagwat has been a passionate supporter of fostering entrepreneurship on campus and has been assisting E-Cell in its various activities. He is one of the founding Charter Members of the Pune Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE ) and has led the mentorship programs for several years. He is also the Chairman of the Electronics Committee of the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), Pune.

Mr. Bhagwat was one of the key organizers of the Silver Jubilee Reunion of the ’85 batch, which was held in December 2010. He was also the co-leader of the Legacy Project team and continues to represent the interests of his batch at the institute. He is closely involved in fund raising activities to help the Legacy Projects and serves as the point of contact between the core team of the Class of ’85 and the Institute. “I remember where I came to IIT Bombay from. I owe everything that I have learnt in life to the years spent on campus and to the professors who taught me. Being surrounded by other IITans was a great experience in itself. I felt that it was time to give back to the Institute that has made me what I am today. Participating in the Silver Jubilee Reunion was the beginning of this special relationship with the Institute,” he added.

As the latest stint of bringing IITB alumni’s together, Mr. Bhagwat co-founded the “Y Point Orchestra,” which is an IITB alumni group of music performers. The band allows the alumni to nurture and showcase their musical talent. Mr. Bhagwat himself plays Piano Accordion in the Orchestra. His other passions include playing Keyboards and rhythm instruments, Competitive bridge, Chess, listening to music, Trekking and Traveling.