Manoj Meena
Dual Degree (B.Tech. + M.Tech.), 2011, Electrical Engineering

Manoj Meena is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Atomberg Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra. He obtained his dual degree (B.Tech. + M.Tech.) in Electrical Engineering with specialization in communication and signal processing, from IIT Bombay in 2011.

Manoj had a great passion for robotics and electronics since college days, and was actively involved into robotics activities including competitions – all as part of his curiosity-driven learning. Manoj founded Atomberg in 2012. For first three years, he bootstrapped in a project mode, developing data acquisition, motor control and process control systems for IITs and other research labs. In 2015, he developed first prototype of electrically-commutated energy efficient DC motor for ceiling fan. The same year, the company launched the ceiling fan product with brand name ‘Gorilla’ in the market. It was the turning point to foray into motor-based home appliances market in India. Currently, Manoj is working as CEO and Founder at Atomberg Technologies.

‘Gorilla’ fans run on a revolutionary energy efficient motor consuming only 28W power (65% less power) as compared to ordinary fan consuming 75-80W power. Today, they are a team of 230 members and have sold more than 3 lakh fans in India and other countries. Every year, using Gorilla fans instead of ordinary 75-80W fans is resulting in an approximate saving of 42000 tonnes of CO2 emission, a yearly saving of more than 3 million $ and 45 GWH of electricity.

Manoj has received many awards and honors such as the ‘National Entrepreneurship Award – 2017′,’Global Climate Solver Award’, ‘Global Clean Tech Innovation Program’ award in Energy Efficiency category, ‘Champions of Change’ recognition by Prime Minister and Niti Aayog, ‘Forbes 30 Under India 2018’, ‘Forbes 30’ Under Asia 2018, and Institute Technical Citation in 2010-11; Institute Technical Color in 2007-08; and Institute Tech Excellence Certificate in 2006-07, from IIT Bombay.

Special Memories

“I was part of IIT Bombay Hockey team. I still remember the exciting crossy run with the team and hockey practice. It was a great activity to tackle with stress and maintain good mental & physical health. On the other side, I was very much active in the Insti tech & robotics activities. Here, I got chance to work with a group of smart & passionate people where I learned and experimented a lot of things. I have enjoyed these two extreme activities in the campus which has great contribution on what I am today”.