Hemant Patel
B.Tech, ChE, 1979

Mr. Hemant Patel has initiated several programmes at IIT Bombay for the benefit of students and hostels. The first among them was a campaign called, ‘In Service of the Lady’ launched in 2006 in his own hostel (Hostel-7) with the aim of providing financial aid to the mess workers and bringing about the much-needed improvements to the hostel environment. He succeeded in enlisting the support of other alumni of the same hostel and collecting funds to the tune of Rs.30 lakhs for the purpose. As a sequence to this, Mr. Patel organised campaigns at other hostels which resulted in the formation of an initiative called “Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship’ (HATS). Today this campaign receives active participation from numerous alumni across the hostels. At present Mr. Patel is engaged in launching HATS in all the hostels at IIT Bombay. HATS has now decided to take up the task of organising hostel level reunions for all hostel alumni on every Alumni Day.

He is also associated with the Student Alumni Relation Cell (SARC) and routinely interacts with students about their hostels, careers, etc. Mr. Patel was an active volunteer for the IIT Bombay’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.