Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali
M.Tech., 1984, Corrosion Science and Engineering

Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali is a Distinguished Scientist, Chairman and Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India.

Dr. Mudali obtained his M.Tech. degree in Corrosion Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1984 (awarded 2nd Rank) and Ph.D. in Metallurgy/Corrosion from Madras University in 1993.

Dr. Mudali has more than three decades of R&D experience (1984-2017) in Indian nuclear industry towards advanced materials and coating technology development and selection; corrosion testing, engineering & monitoring; and failure analysis and case studies related to steels & stainless steels, titanium, zirconium and their alloys. He has about 10 years of R&D experience on reprocessing R&D (2009-2017) relevant to nonmetallic materials and coating development; equipment development and testing; process chemistry and analysis; for fast breeder reactor spent nuclear fuel reprocessing applications.

Dr. Mudali is an internationally recognized professional in the area of corrosion science and technology, whose fundamental and applied research work has been widely recognized and cited by peers and other research groups. Dr. Mudali has pioneered many innovative R&D projects for the first time at IGCAR, Kalpakkam which has resulted in the selection of advanced materials and coatings for corrosion protection in nuclear and allied industries. Critical developments include: High nitrogen Stainless steels, Mixed Oxide Coated Titanium Anodes, DOCTOR Coating on Titanium; Ceramic Yttria Coatings for 1500˚C in molten salt and Uranium; Nitric Acid Loops for long term corrosion evaluation; Nitric acid grade stainless steels.

Dr. Mudali has been recognized with prestigious awards like: Homi Bhabha Science & Technology Award from DAE; Metallurgists of the Year Award from Ministry of Steel & IIM; VASVIK Award, Indian Nuclear Society Medal; GD Birla Gold Medal; TANSA Awa r d ; MASCOT National Award ; Distinguished Faculty from HBNI, DAE; Frank Newman Speller Award from NACE International , USA ; Fellow of 10 Academies/Professional Societies like: NACE International, USA; ASM International, USA; Asia Pacific Academy of Materials, China; INAE; NASI; IIM; ECSI; IE (I); IIChE: TNASc. He has published 440 papers with H-index 33, co-edited 16 books/proceedings, and guided project works of 162 UG, PG and PhD students. He has delivered 6 Honour lectures of eminence.

Special Memories

"As first batch student of M.Tech. Corrosion Science and Engineering (Interdisciplinary), I had memorable experiences in studies and lab experiments at different departments. I had best teachers from Metallurgy, Chemistry, Chemical, Mechanical, etc. My stay at Hostel-2 was highly productive with lively experiences with students from many states of India. I was also very active in many cultural events and associations at that time".