Dr. Shankar Moni
B. Tech., 1984 , Electrical Engineering

Dr. Shankar Moni is the CEO of Mood Eye Media and Technologies, Bengaluru. He leads Xyo in taking the concept of “Technology in Education” to a whole new level, combining 20 years of semiconductor technology leadership experience with a passion for excellence in education.

Dr. Moni obtained his B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay in 1984 and later Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1996.

Dr. Moni has held senior management and engineering positions in several companies, including Nvidia, Microsoft, Cadence, and National Semiconductor. He founded the India Development Center of Nvidia’s Mobile Semiconductor Division. He has guided numerous strategic decisions and successfully lead several multi-million-dollar projects. His focus on execution and quality have resulted in cutting-edge technology products being brought to market.

With 24 US patents and numerous IEEE journal publications in his name, he has led teams doing pioneering research and developing innovative solutions to challenging industry problems.

His memories during his four-year stay at IIT Bombay are more associated with professors, the department, fellow students and the hostel life.

As the President of the IIT Bombay Alumni Association of Bengaluru, he has started many new initiatives that bring alumni together. One of them is Career Leap, an annual career-related event to help alumni boost their careers. Another is the “Painting in the Park”, a gathering of alumni and family at a social level to bring out hidden talent. He has continued the tradition of “Fresher’s Night”. More importantly, he hones organizational capability in the alumni and helps create leaders.