Dr. Hemant Kanakia
B.Tech., 1975, Electrical Engineering

After graduating from IT Bombay in 1975, Dr. Kanakia, earned his Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, both in USA.

While doing research at Bell Laboratories, Dr. Kanakia, pioneered a new type of switching fabric, which was used to build very fast data switches. He has patents on new ways of sending videos over packetized transport that has now become very core of video streaming services and a patent on ‘means and methods for fast routing of packets’, to his credit.

Dr. Kanakia has been a general partner at Columbia Capital, a Venture Firm based in East Coast of USA, primarily focused on early-stage technology investments. Before joining Columbia Capital, he was founder and CEO of Torrent Networking Technology, (which was acquired by Ericsson for $500 M) and co-founder of Photuris (acquired by Meriton) and Gemplex, inc. (acquired by Tata Telesystems). Previously, Dr. Kanakia served on the Board of Directors of many private companies as well as on the board of trustees for Virginia Tech and Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Hemant Kanakia is currently focused on mentoring young entrepreneurs in India through India Angel networks and has invested in 18 early stage companies since January 2010. These are in the sectors ranging from education, technology and healthcare.

Special Memories

Dr, Kanakia recollects, "Most of what I remember about IIT is all the time I spent on volleyball court. I was from second year onwards part of the institute team and in my last year as a captain of the team we won Inter-IIT competition in volleyball.