Dr. Ameet Jain
B.Tech., 2001, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Ameet Jain is currently the Innovation Program Director at Philips for their Strategic Clinical Partnerships. He obtained his B.Tech. degree from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay in 2001, where he focused his work on Robotics. He earned his M.S. and a Ph.D. degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2007 in Computer Science, focusing on Medical Robotics and Minimally-Invasive Surgery. He has also completed a 3-year program on Investment Banking at NYU in 2015, focusing on venture capital.

In 2009, Dr. Jain invented Onvision, an acoustic-GPS technology for Ultrasound interventions. It is the most accurate navigation technology and is low-cost and the easiest to use, primarily due to its smart exploitation of the acoustic fields. He led this program for many years, which led to the formation of an internal venture of Philips, a strategic partnership with B. Braun, and an eventual product launch in 2018. This technology has the potential to improve over 20M medical procedures/year. In a separate attempt, in 2010, Dr. Jain developed an electromagnetic navigation technology for use in very complex cardiac procedures on the beating heart. This work has now been adapted for complex EP-ablation procedures, and has successfully benefited tens of thousands of patients. He also spearheaded the development of a 4D self-driving ultrasound system to disrupt vascular interventions.

During his tenure at JHU, Dr. Jain has created technologies that significantly reduced the cost of bring 3D navigation to mobile CarM.S.. This has the potential to impact multiple clinical areas, especially in emerging regions. Dr. Jain prototyped and validated this technology in a phase-1 human trial at Hopkins, using it to create a first-of-a-kind real-time radiation dose feedback for prostate cancer therapy patients.

At Philips, Dr. Jain’s program works very closely with world leading doctors at top hospitals to co- create the future of healthcare. Dr. Jain creates and oversees over collaborative innovations ranging from new clinical discovery, devices and biomarkers to improving the efficiency of hospitals.

Previously, Dr. Jain was a research scientist at the Philips Corporate Research Labs of North America, and a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University. He spent nearly two decades in the space of minimally invasive surgery. During these years, Dr. Jain invented many technologies spanning numerous clinical domains – therapy feedback for cancer patients, stem cell injections for heart repair, new navigation technologies, robotic knee surgery, precision guided prostate biopsies, low-cost orthopaedic procedures, high precision valve repair, EP navigation, self-driving systems, etc.

These innovations have led to the creation of over 175 patent ideas, of which over 75 have already been filed, and over 30 being granted. He has 65 scientific publications and 5 international publications to his credit. Dr. Jain has received outstanding achievement award, and a silver medal for his granted patents from Philips. He has also received the student of the year award from the state of Maryland. His innovations have received the Michael B. Merickel best paper awards at SPIE 2005, and the best paper on Medical Robotics, MICCAI 2011. His other publications have received best poster awards in 2003, 2007 and 2008. He had also received a Ph.D. award from the DoD Prostate cancer program. His dissertation was selected by JHU as its nomination to the ACM distinguished dissertation and CGS/UMI awards.

Special Memories

"The time spent at IIT was a wonderful combination of self exploration, and newly-assumed freedom. Life was an open slate with infinite possibilities, carefree, with no idea of what lay ahead. Newly made friends, sunsets at Vihar lake, coffee shack, Bob Dylan songs, long walks, watching the hawks on MB, veg hakka at Chinkos, unending discussions on the meaning of life, trekking the sahayadris, fancy wing treats, 15-player doom in the SW lab - these form the mental collage. Not to forget the night-outs with exam NBD, app tensions, assignment, difficult courses, BTP deadlines, bad mess food, or early-morning lectures. Growing up happened in a heartbeat. However, these memories from youth will stay for the long haul".