Avishma Matta
B.Tech., 2013 Civil Engineering

Ms. Avishma Matta is an Independent Consultant. She obtained her B.Tech. (Honors) degree in Civil Engineering and a Minor from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay in 2013.

Recalling her time spent at IIT Bombay, Ms. Matta said, “I remember that fateful night when after a long walk with some friends along campus roads someone from the group came up with a brilliant idea of watching a horror movie. This was at 3.00 am. I said no, they said yes, so we watched not one but three horror movies back-to-back! Do I even have to mention how grateful I was to have a roommate who I could wake up, if I wanted to go to the loo at night? What are friends for, as they say?”

Her hobbies include outdoor activities, driving and kitesurfing.