Ashwin Doshi
B.Tech., ME, 1981


The name of Ashwin Doshi (Gujju) is synonymous with sports on the IITB campus. Sports was his passion and continues to be so even now. Mr. Doshi was a Gold Medalist at the National Basketball championships and Inter-University championships even before he entered IITB. He has played several games and actively participated in various sports for IITB, viz,, Basketball, Football, Athletics, Kabaddi. He has also played and participated in Volleyball, Hockey, Carrom, and Swimming, Basketball, Football, Athletics, and Kabaddi for his hostel (Hostel No. 3).

Having played Inter-IIT Sports at all the five IITs, Mr. Ashwin Doshi shares his immense experience with current IIT students on the sports fields. He often visits the IITB campus, especially during the Inter-IIT Sports Camp in December every year. He spends his time and energy giving the sports teams valuable tips on the finer points of the game, and especially on what it takes to be champions at the Inter-IIT Sports Meet.

With Capt. Louis George (DSA2011), Mr. Doshi started the annual Alumni Vs Students Basketball match in October 2005. It is a very successful platform of interaction between students and alumni and has transformed into a full-fledged Alumni Sports Day on campus.

He has maintained friendship and active contacts with many alumni across different batches who now live all over India and all over the world. Apart from the sports field, Mr. Doshi still interacts with many students providing help and guidance to them in whatever small way he can.